Top 10 Modern Engineering Wonders 2015

Top 10 Modern Engineering Wonders Of The Modern World

Last updated February 27th, 2015 at 11:50 pm

Building is like something that is a permanent part of human nature. From the first day of the human history, it is thinking more and more to make more and more special kind of stuff. As everybody know that, human was nothing in the beginning, with not clothes, with no homes, with no cars, with no computers, with no mobiles, with no planes, almost everything was not in the hand of the early humans that people are now enjoying. This everything which become possible today is only due to the thinking of human and due to the hard work of human. Now human have everything, In this everything there is something which more then special like wonders, these are the things which force these words (How they do that) from your mouth. These are the building, homes, cars, Jets, planes, bridges and some other special kind of interesting things. Below is a list of Top 10 Modern Engineering Wonders 2015 Of The Modern World.


Top 10 Modern Engineering Wonders 2015

Top 10 Modern Engineering Wonders 2015

10: Kingda Ka Roller coaster

Kingda Ka Roller Coaster the world tallest Roller coaster in New Jersey USA in Six Flags Great Adventure Park. Its Height is 456 ft and the drop is 418 ft. Its speed is 126 KPH. This roller coaster is nearly 4 kilometers in length.

kingda ka roller coaster USA

9: Milau Vaduct  Bridge

This is the tallest Bridge of the world. This is bridge is in the France, this bridge was completed in 2004, the height of this great bridge is 342 meters and the length is nearly 2.5 kilometers.

Millau viaduct bidge France

8: Three Gorges Dam

Here is a Chinese Creature in this list of top 10 modern engineering wonders of the modern world. This is the worlds biggest Dam which is located in the Hubei province of China. The slipway capacity of this Dam is 41,00000 cu/ft per square.

three gorges dam china

7: Langeled Pipeline

This is the world’s largest pipeline in the sea which operates between UK and Norway. The length of this pipeline is 746 miles and it carry 70 million cubic yards gas to UK from Norway.

langeled pipeline

6: Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge

Here is another Chinese thing in the list, this is the longest bridge of the world, this bridge is in the Jiangsu bridge of China. The length of this huge bridge is 102 kilometers and it also pass over water for 6 kilometers.

kunshan grand bridge china

5: Euro Tunnel

This is an amazing sample of the Modern Engineering, this tunnel start from England and End in France. Interest thing is that this is in water. The length of this tunnel is 31 miles and 23 of which is in the sea.

Euro tunnel

4: Floating Green Echo Cities

Floating Green Echo cities is very different idea of life. This is a self made ( artificial ) island which is free to move on the water that’s why its called floating Green Echo Cities. In this Echo city more then 50000 people can live at a time.

floating echo cities

3: Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest tower, with the height of 828 meters ( its like a mountain). This tower is located in Dubai UAE. There are 160 operational floors there and many other additional are under maintenance right now.

Burj khalifa UAE

2: Palm Islands

Here is another great example of the Modern Engineering’s success, these islands are the worlds biggest artificial islands. There are 1500 villas in it and all are on the artificial beaches.

palm islands UAE

1: Pearl Bridge

This is another stunning sample of the modern civil engineering. This bridge is in Japan and the thing for which this is known is that, there are no pillars for the supports of the bridges and this is the world’s largest cable bridge.

Pearl Bridge Japan

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