Top 10 Google+ Tips and Tricks


Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 06:01 pm

Top 10 Google+ Tips and Tricks
Today, social media has totally changed the way business operates on the internet, one of the
prevailing names among them is Google+. Millions of businesses have dived into Google+ with
an intention of building strong and profitable relationship with customers and directly influencing
their customer’s decisions. Offering amazing platform, it has proven to be a versatile podium for
promoting ideas, brands and people.Google+ is a powerful opportunity for you to explore your reach, professionally or personally.
Here are the most useful Google+ tips and tricks, these tricks are categorized under several

Receive Google+ Notification On Your Phone, Even You Don’t Use Android.

Google+ has a wonderful Android app. Click on “gear” icon at the top right of your screen and
select “Google+ settings”. Then click on “Google+” tab and click “Add phone number” under
delivery preferences. Enter your mobile number here. Google will send a verification pin code to
your phone. Enter that pin code in the box that seen on Google+.

Create A Drafts Circle For Unfinished Posts.

Google plus, allows you to write long posts. If you’re working on one and don’t have time
to complete, then create a drafts circle and only share the post there. You can go back and
complete the post when you have time and share with your other circles once it’s complete.

Mute Notification On One Of Your Posts

It can be annoying to get constant notifications on the post. To mute notifications on a single
post, click the notification you want to mute, and click on “mute this post.”

Formatting Tips: Bold, Italic, Underline and More

Google+ uses the same formatting as you are familiar with, like
. _Italic text_ — italic text
. *Bold text* — bold text
. -Strikethrough text- — strikethrough text
. *_Italic bold text_* — italic bold text

Tag Your Google+ Pals In Posts

If you want to tag someone from your Google+ circle or friend in a post, only type @ or +
and type his or her name, It will create a link to that person’s profile, and they will receive a
notification that they were tagged.

Mute Post That Keep Returning to Top of Your Stream

Google+ automatically bumps posts to top of your stream when get a new comment of +1. In
meantime, the answer is to mute the individual post. Click the tiny arrow at the top and click on
Mute this post.

Quickly Move Between Posts in Your Stream

Use J key to scroll forward and K to scroll back. A lot more easier than using mouse wheel.

Block Google from Using Your Information to Display Target Ads

When you sign up for Google+, Google asks your permission to use your profile’s information to
display targeted ads. Here you will find the option which can be turned on or turned off.

Conduct a Search Within Google+ Chrome Only

You can set Google to search only Google+ from your Chrome browser. These steps may be a
bit complicated for the average user, but effective for many.Type
chrome://chrome/settings/searchEnginesIn your address bar in google chrome and it will open you a box where you can manage your
search engines. You can add Google+ there by using the following parameters for each fieldSearch In Posts:
● Column 1: Google+ Posts
● Column 2: post
● Column 3: {google:baseURL}search? inurl:posts/* %s

Search for Profiles:

Column 1: Google+ Profiles
Column 2: profile
Column 3: {google:baseURL}search?q=%s&tbs=prfl:e

Import Your Facebook Contacts to Google+

Facebook has been blocking browser extensions and apps that import your contacts to
Google+. But wait, we can still get our Facebook contacts in G+. Use Gmail to import your
contact, from Gmail settings, select Accounts and Import. Then contacts will automatically show
up in Google+.

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