Top 10 Google AdWords Mistakes 2015

Ten Google AdWords Mistakes to Avoid

Last updated January 18th, 2015 at 11:17 pm

If you are an online business then you must consider using Google AdWords not only for Keyword research but also to run an advertisement campaign as well. There is no doubt that Google AdWords is one of the best advertisement tools that are available on the internet. However, before you go ahead and start using AdWords, take a look at the Top 10 Google AdWords Mistakes that you must avoid.


Top 10 Google AdWords Mistakes 2015

Top 10 Google AdWords Mistakes

1) Irrelevant Keywords In The List

The main reason to run an AdWords campaign is to promote your business online and bring targeted traffic easily. You do it with the help of proper and relevant keywords. Having irrelevant keywords in your list will bring no good results to your online business.

2) You don’t know about the Uniqueness of your Product

Being a business owner is not just about sitting on the chair and shooting orders. You need to have complete knowledge about your products in order to bring targeted traffic from AdWords campaign.

3) Less use of Keywords in Ads text

To make most out of Google AdWords, you need to use proper keywords in your ads. Research properly and add all those keywords in the ads that are related to your business.

4) Sending Users to Home Page Only

This is a horrible mistake. Not all the users will be interested in viewing your Home Page so you better direct users towards different useful pages on your website to make most out of your AdWords Ads campaign.

5) Having only Single Ad Groups

If you think that only a single ad group can bring enough traffic towards your website then you are wrong. Make as many ad groups as possible to attract different viewers.

6) Having Only One Campaign

Just like groups, you should try utilizing as many ad campaigns depending on your budget. Only a single type of ad campaign will not be enough to bring good traffic towards your website.

7) Using Broad Match Only

It is not a bad idea to use the broad match option but in this way, you will be targeting keywords with high competition. Try to go for such keywords that are specific so you can get more targeted traffic easily.

8) Not optimizing your ads for Ad Serving

With the help of Ad Serving option in AdWords, you will be able to show your most popular ads to the viewers. This will surely bring better results for your business in the long run.

9) Not Tracking Results

One of the most important things in any marketing campaign is to track the results. If you will not track the results of your marketing campaign, you will never be able determine what works best for your business.

10) Not Modifying Bids

A wise man always modifies the raw data and converts it into something for his benefit. Same is the case with AdWords bids. You cannot use the same bid over and over again. Try modifying the bids and better results will come your way.

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