Top 10 Free Video Editing Software 2015/16 Free Download


Last updated August 24th, 2015 at 09:28 pm

Whenever a moviemaker makes a video, he knows somewhere in his heart that the video he has made is not worth nowhere near as much as he wants it to be in its raw form. He knows he has to do a little bit of tweaking by adding something in the form of effects and removing the part that is not needed. All of this can be attained by video editing software.



The bothersome part is that editing a video is not an art that one can master quickly. Getting it edited by a professional is not inexpensive either. Even if the video maker knows how to edit videos by himself, the video editing software and apps are not affordable for everyone.

Fortunately, some software developers recognized the need and designed software that can edit videos and is available for free. However, they can’t perform all the functions that heavily paid software can. Let us see briefly the “video editing software” that are available for free in 2015.

Top 10 Free Video Editing Software 2015/16 Free Download

Software 10# Windows Movie Maker v16.4

Since its first version was released in 2000 to its last version 16.4 back, Microsoft’s Windows Movie Maker has remained the pick of the free video editing software available. It’s easy to use and allows you to add, remove and drag photos and videos, and add some basic effects. Its latest upgrade enables users to upload newly edited videos directly to YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms and has made Windows Movie Maker the most famous software of its kind.


Software 9# Kate’s Video Toolkit v1.8

Kate’s Video Toolkit is a format converter and video editing software at the same time. It’s not as advanced as the Movie Maker but not far behind in usage. It can convert different types of video formats like MP4, AVI, MPEG, MOV and others into MPEG, MP4, MOV, etc. Although it doesn’t let you maximize the application window, it offers a great deal with regards to its zero price.


Software 8# WeVideo

Its growth in popularity in the recent years has made WeVideo fairly common. Features like being a cloud-based video editing software and grabbing clips directly from social media sites like YouTube and Facebook have been major reasons for its vast recognition. Limitations mainly include 5 GB of cloud space and only 5 minutes of video upload per month to YouTube, Facebook and other sites. These drawbacks of the free version sometimes irritate users. However, this is a small sacrifice for getting the best value for free.


Software 7# Avidemux

It’s a relatively small and not a very significant editing tool. Avidemux is a decent open source video editor with which the user can join two or more clips and cut them without re-encoding. The user can also add effects and filters such as adjusting colors, brightness and contrast, cropping the video, sharpening, blurring and more. Summing up, it is a pretty decent choice if you want to do some basic video editing and learn the very basics.


Software 6# VSDC Free Video Editor

The VSDC Video Editor provides the user with almost the same features as most other free video editing software. The user can add videos, pictures and sounds, tweak background noise, crop, resize and a few other things. But the VSDC Free Video Editor is not the same old simple video editing application you would expect to come across in terms of interface and internal technicalities.

It is a non-linear editor and lack many useful functions. However, once you have learned the hard part, it becomes simple enough with an option to transfer your completely edited video directly to your mobile device or burn it to a CD or DVD.


Software 5# MPEG StreamClip 1.2.1b6

The program is excellent for editing, trimming, cutting, resizing, rotating and exporting a soundtrack to your raw data for the video. It allows the user to open multiple files at a single time and grab data from DVDs and online URLs. All of this in a teeny tiny space of a mere 327 KB, which is the reason most people have to think twice before downloading it. They think it won’t be worth the time or effort, but it is worth all of it, especially when you don’t want to pay hefty amounts for a video editing app.


Software 4# VirtualDub

If the format of your raw video is AVI, you should look up VirtualDub and download it. The app only works with Audio Video Interleave (AVI) formats and calling it a little outdated for this drawback won’t be wrong. It provides all the features of the other video editing software but only for AVI formats, which is why it isn’t worth the effort in most cases. However, it certainly is worth the money.


Software 3# Free Video Editor

Formerly known as the Free Video Dub, calling this editor different than others of its kind would be an understatement. It not only provides users with the cliché features of a video editor, but it also doesn’t compromise with the quality of your video and doesn’t re-encode the original one, which is very helpful if your clip is on the lengthy side.


Software 2# Lightworks v12.0.2

Launched in 2014, Lightworks is the real deal in the free editing software pack. Although it has failed to receive the same fame as the Windows Movie Maker, it certainly overpowers any other app in its category. Its extraordinary features lead it to be used in the editing of Hollywood hits like Mission Impossible and everyone’s favorite superhero, Batman. It has almost all the tools as the paid apps. Along with these tools, the software can also edit videos that have resolutions as high as 720p, which even some of the paid ones can’t do.


Software 1# Freemake Video Converter

Though the name suggests that it is a video converter, Freemake has what you could call a hidden talent in the form of editing videos. It has some of the basic tweaks as dragging and rotating clips and uploading them to YouTube directly.


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