Top 10 Free Android Games 2015

Top Free Android Games

Last updated August 6th, 2018 at 08:24 pm

Android is one of the most dynamic and amazing mobile operating system in the world. You can say Android is the top smartphone operating system, As it is top mobile operating system then there must be limit less apps in its app market. In Android market there are all types of Android apps which you can use for different purposes. Android app market also have a lot of good stuff for the gamer people. Android market have different types of games for all types of people, it also have both premium and paid games to install and enjoy. Today we are going to present you a list of Top 10 Free Android Games to entertain yourself, below is the complete list.


Top 10 Free Android Games 2015

Top 10 Free Android Games 2015

10: Air Control Lite

This is the simple and classic game for android phones, in this game you simply have to direct air planes to the runways by avoiding collisions. This is the lite version of this game.

Air control lite

9: Cestos Full

This is a completely free game for the users, this very addictive game and it is also very simple to play. It is just a sort of drain from which you have to pass some given objects.

cestos full

8: Cut a sheep

This is a simple puzzle in which you have to play with a sheep to complete the puzzle. In this puzzle game there are lot of levels from easy to difficult  mode of play.

cut a sheep

7: The Great Land Grab

This is the Great land Grab game for the android users. In this android game you just have to claim the land around you in your area and then have to defense it, it is very addictive.

the great land grab

6: Abduction

This is a very addictive android game indeed, this is a simple jumping game. In this android game you just have to save your friends abducted by the aliens.


5: Jewels

This is also a very addictive game indeed, this is why i am putting it in the list of top 10 free android games, in this game you have to play with the jewels and in return you will reward points. This game is also available for the iPhone users too.

the great land grab

4: Gem Miner

In this game you have to gig out the things to search valuable stuff for you to get the reward in return. In this game you have to dig out the mines to metals and gems.

gem miner

3: Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry birds star wars is another very addictive and very famous android game, in this game angry birds have to use star war weapons, Angry birds style makes this game really cool.

Angry birds star was

2: Retro Racing

Retro Racing is also a very addictive game for the android users, in this game you just have to drive classic F1 like cars on the track and have to avoid others to get the points.

retro racing - top 10 free android games

1: Raging Thunder 2

Raging Thunder is an amazing car racing game in the android market for the android users. There are many levels from easy to difficult, main thing is that its graphics are really good.

Raging Thunder

So, this is the list of 10 top free android games to entertain yourself, this list will help you a lot in finding best entertainment for you from the android market. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.