Top 10 Best Fitness Gadgets 2020 UK

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Imagine yourself walking through a lonely street when suddenly you run into a magic lamp, out of which emerges a genie. ‘Your wish is my command,’ he utters and that is when your mind starts racing to all the amazing things you want in your life. You may think of asking for money, a huge mansion, lots of friends, or even a bright future.

However, those who are smart enough would ask for a healthy life as being healthy will automatically attract all the other things that one wants. As it is said, ‘health is wealth’. Hence, once attained, this health can get you all the power, money and friends that you desire.


Top 10 Best Fitness Gadgets 2020 UK

Though difficult, being in shape and maintaining good health is essential for all. Science has proved to be of tremendous help in this regard. It has created some fitness gadgets that can help you stay fit and healthy.

Top 10 Best Fitness Gadgets 2020 UK – The Secret to Healthy Living

1. Fitbit Alta HR

Previously, smartwatches had to be connected to a smartphone in order to view the fitness metrics. However, with the Mio Alpha 2, the smartphone is no more required for this purpose. You can easily see your metrics, including your pace, speed, distance, and calories, on the screen of the watch. This device provides you with the most accurate optical measurement of your heart rate, giving you the signals of a healthy/weak heart.

The fitness gadget is compatible with Apple and Android and is also capable of syncing data with the Mio GO app automatically.

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2. Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

Ever heard of ‘clothing’ providing you with your health metrics? Well, if not in the past, you certainly are aware of it now. The Sensoria Smart Clothing comes with special socks, shirts and sports bras that help you track your fitness with the help of electrodes attached to the cloth’s fabric. They prove to be good at measuring distance, calories, speed, and heart rate.

Apart from being used for measurements, the fitness gadget is:

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3. Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

A very innovative and multifunctional fitness gadget, RunPhones is made for people who love listening to music while exercising. The gadget is a headband with built-in speakers for music purposes. The downsides of carrying a headphone when exercising are very innovatively catered to in this gadget. The headbands do not fall out of place during exercising nor do they have wires that get tangled, interrupting the person every now and then. Apart from the entertainment, the headbands are helpful in soaking sweat as well, which is what makes it multipurpose in nature.

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4. Fitbit Alta HR

The band’s core function is to identify the composition of the person’s body with respect to their mass and fat as one’s weight is not necessarily the reflection of their health. The band works with electric pulses to figure out the ratio of muscle and fat in the person’s body. Other uses of the fitness gadget include tracking sleep, activity, and heart rate of the individual.

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5. Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband

A single scale that can measure your health in every possible manner has been launched in 2020. The scale is not an ordinary scale that measures the metrics provided by other smartwatches and fitness trackers. Rather, the gadget is helpful in tracking the percentage of fat, BMI, and weight of the person.

The Fitbit Aria is a device that sends metrics wirelessly to your computer. Moreover, you can sync the fitness gadget to your phone for receiving goal achievement notifications as you perform well, making it one of the best fitness gadgets around.

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6. Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

It is one of the perfect fitness gadgets for people practicing yoga at home. The mat helps you maintain your body posture with each move that you make, making yoga effective for you. The mat contains a technology that can sense your presence and provide you with feedback via smartphones or other such electronic devices.

It also allows you to store your progress and compare with the later results in order to have an idea of your achievement.

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7. Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch

Stiff muscles and muscle knots are always a pain. It makes the exercising process difficult and unimaginable. The Trigger Point Muscle Grid STK Roller has been launched for providing you with a solution to this problem. The roller helps prevent injuries, increase circulation and maintain the flexibility of the muscles.

Though the fitness gadget is different from the rest in terms of usage (involving no such technology), it is still a must-have gadget after a tiring workout.

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8. Fitbit Blaze Special Edition

What every other fitness gadget lacks is included in UP. The device is capable of providing you with all records of your burnt calories, steps taken to burn them, goals set, your mood, etc. The device is smart and intuitive at the same time as it helps motivate you with a tip each day. Tracking your fitness has become the easiest task of all because of UP by Jawbone, one of the most practical fitness gadgets around.

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9. Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

Sleep plays a significant role in your fitness. Sleep deprivation can have a negative effect on your eating habits and workouts, so it is justifiable to have a fitness gadget that measures your sleep. Basis Peak is a fantastic device that not only tracks the number of hours you sleep, but also takes into account the quality of your sleep, the amount you toss and turn during your sleep, and your REM, light and deep cycles. It also provides you with your very own weekly sleep newsletter, making you aware of your sleeping patterns.

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10. Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband

The pedal makes you healthy and fit with its innovation and design. As you cycle, the pedal takes into account your speed, route, calories burnt and incline. It also sends a notification to the bike owner in case the bike is stolen.

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