Top 10 Countdown Movies of Beautiful Eyes Lady – Angelina Jolie


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Everyone knows around the world about the glorious Hollywood brand name Angelina Jolie. She has done many movies and heartbeat of millions of fans around the world. A 37 year, actress and director have received number of awards including Academy Award, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Golden Actors Globe Awards and many more. Moreover, Jolie is also a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nation. Today, Jolie is one of the best-known celebrities around with estimated income of more than $30 million dollars. Angelina is counted in the top of the list among those ladies which have the most beautiful eyes.  Following is the list of Jolie movies are created on the basis of user review, gross profit and much more.


10: SALT – 2010

SALT – 2010

SALT is one of the best considered movies of Jolie in 2010 and placed at number three position in best sale after Dinner for Schmucks. SALT is generating revenue of plus $40 million in the first week. She act as the Russian Spy and got married to the love for her life which she cannot want to lose because the Spy is not allowed to get married and involve in any type of emotional relationships. This is action, thrill and mystery movie and proves as one of the best and remarkable movies of her career.

9: WANTED – 2008

WANTED – 2008

Wanted, is based on the comic book miniseries and directed by the Timur Bekmambetov.  This great movie is the winner of Academy Award and also gross $33 million dollars internationally on its opening week. The role of Jolie in this movie is quite attractive and entertaining in which she drive the car with unbelievable control and grip and extreme fighting with guns. Frankly speaking for the sake of entertainment and the beauty of Angelina this movie deserves a watch.

8: CHANGELING – 2008


Changeling is based on the true story of events in 1928 Los Angeles. She is working as a woman who is reunited with her missing son. She performed her role with intelligently and humbly and she continuous kept the focus on the story very beautifully. It was directed by Clint Eastwood and a $55 million budget movie with the gross total revenue of more than $113 million dollars internationally.

7:  A MIGHTY HEART – 2007

top_ten_movies_of_Angelina_Jolie_A MIGHTY HEART

A might heart, is based on a true story, in which Jolie plays a role of wife wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl and came in Karachi in 2002. The movie covers efforts by Department of Justice and Diplomatic Security Service to track the kidnapper and bring them to justice. Daniel left for the interview but didn’t ever return home after meeting with Islamic fundamentalist cleric. Angelina has performed a bold and solid role in this movie with the determination and confirm believe that his husband is innocent.

6: Mr. & Mrs. Smith – 2005

top_ten_movies_of_Angelina_Jolie_Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Smith: 2005

It is romantic American comedy movie, Angelina along with star Brad Pitt as a bored married couple. The $110 million budget movie with total gross revenue $478 million dollars worldwide. This is Jolie’s mix comedy, romance and full-out action movie.

5: ALEXANDER – 2004


Alexander covers the gross total revenue of $132 million globally and $34 million domestically. It is directed and written by Oliver Stone. Jolie plays a role of Olympia’s mother and got against her husband King Philip. Alexander was pictured in England, Malta, Morocco and Thailand. It is $155 million dollar budget movie. Alexander is a beautiful epic movie based on the film Alexander the Great and is largely panned by critics everywhere but able to nominate in six categories at the Golden Raspberry Awards in 2005.

4: ORIGINAL SIN – 2001

top_ten_movies_of_Angelina_Jolie_ORIGINAL SIN

Original Sin is an erotic thriller movie of its time in which Jolie was nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award -2001. This film shows Angelina’s physical as well as emotional beauty. It based on the novel Waltz into Darkness, which is directed by Michael Christopher and written by Cornell Wool rich. The budget of this English masterpiece movie was $42 million. Jolie is proves herself as an action heroine as well as romantic.

3: TOMB RAIDER – 2001

top_ten_movies_of_Angelina_Jolie_TOMB RAIDER

Another beautiful movie of Angelina was came in market in 2001 in which she plays a wealthy woman role whose favorite pastime is finding objects of historic values. Tomb Raider is considered milestone and the film was a commercial hit which grossed $335 million worldwide. It is directed by Simon West, he takes the idea from video game and put it to big screen and no one else could have pulled off this role and made it as fun as Angelina did. It is the combination of great character, great movie, great accent and super cool action….stir in Jolie.


top_ten_movies_of_Angelina_Jolie_GIRL INTERRUPTED

Girl Interrupted is one of those Angelina Jolie movies which won Oscar Awards along with 5 more awards for her performance. This is $24 million budget movie with outcome revenue of plus $48 million dollars. The filming of this amazing movie was took place in Pennsylvania and was considered a super hit film of that time.


top_ten_movies_of_Angelina_Jolie_PLAYING BY HEART

Playing by Heart was released in 1998. It was a comedy –drama, romance type movie and considered one of the best romantic movies of 1998. Angelina is playing a role of beautiful lady who trying to find true love in her partner. She performed her duty and handles the situation very intelligently. It was also nominated for 49th Berlin International film Festival.

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