Top 10 Computer Manufacturers 2015

10 Top Computer Manufactures In the World - Making Good In Computersv
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Last updated January 18th, 2015 at 11:18 pm

Computer industry is one of the most respected industry all over the world. You can imagine its importance by the fact that “today in every work computers are being used”. Computer manufactures are making more and more advancements in the computers to make them more useful for the people in the world, just because of this everyday many new features are invented in the computer industry. There are many computer manufactures in the world most popular are like “Dell” and “HP”. But there are also many other computer good and well known computer manufactures and today we will discuss 10 top among them and below is the list of top 10 computer manufacturers in the world.


Top 10 Computer Manufacturers 2015

Top 10 computer manufacturers

10: Compaq

This is a well known computer manufacture in the world, this company does not only manufacture computers but it also build servers and software of different types. Its headquarter is in Texas United states.


9: Nec

This is a well known Japanese electronics manufacturing company which does not only build computers and notebooks but its mobile phones are also very popular among people.


8: Fujitsu

This is another well known Japanese computer manufacturing company and this is well popular for its products around the world. It also offer other IT related services to the people.


7: IBM

This is an American based Computer manufacturing company working since decades and it was on the top rank in the list of top 10 computer manufacturers in recent time. Dell does not only manufacture computers it also build some popular business software.


6: Apple

Another well known computer manufacturing company from US with it own MAC operating system. Apple also make other products like smartphones and iPad and iPod are its main products.


5: Acer

Acer is a Taiwan base computer manufacturing company and it is well known for its affordable laptops and notebooks. It also build other products like smartphones and servers for the big companies.



This is a Korean based computer manufacturing company and recently it have released its new collection of “Windows 8 touch laptops”, which has made it more popular among the computer lovers.


3: HP

This is another well known computer manufacturing company from United states of America. Moreover like other computer manufactures HP also build software, smartphones and networks.


2: Dell

Dell is also from United States Of America, it was at top rank among the top 10 computer manufacturers in the world, but recently it is crossed over by a Chinese based computer manufacturer. This company build notebooks, laptops, servers and other products.


1: Lenovo

This is a Chinese based multinational company and it is growing very rapidly. Now this time lenovo is at top position among top 10 computer manufacturers in the world. Recently it also have launched a series of windows 8 laptops.


So, this is the list of 10 top computer manufactures in the world, these top computer manufactures are providing different products in this field of computer industry. Besides from only computers these companies are also producing smartphones and other products like servers and software. In this list some companies are from Japan, some are from America, one is from Taiwan, one is from Korea and other is from Chinese which is on the top.

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