Top 10 Best Cameras for Beginners 2020 UK

Best Cameras for Photography Beginners

Different people are attracted to different stuff. You may find nerds running after books, bikers crazy after the funkiest bikes, and then there are photographers capturing the precious moments with the best of their skills.

Top 10 Best Cameras for Beginners 2020 UK

It is a common trend these days to own a camera, be it a mobile camera or a professional one. The trend has become so common that almost everyone is seen with a DSLR, though only a few may know how to use it properly. The reason people are so attracted towards it is the quality of pictures that it provides. The clarity, crispness, and colour balance given by the DSLR is incomparable to any digital or mobile camera.

No matter how good the DSLR is, you would not be able to click good pictures if you do not know how the camera works. While most cameras are complicated, there are some beginner DSLRs for newbies that can help you click professional photos.

Top 10 Best Cameras for Beginners 2020 UK

1. Canon EOS Rebel T5i – Beginners Cameras 2020 UK

The Nikon D5500 is one of the best entry-level cameras you will find in the market. The camera is perfect with respect to design and performance. Moreover, it is one of the few cameras that provide its users with the best APS-C sensors. The battery life of the DSLR is exceptionally good, while its low-light performance is the feature that will force you to buy it at any cost. Due to its great quality, the best beginner DSLR is a bit pricey. However, the price is justifiable with respect to the features it offers. The camera has an excellent rating of 9.75, the highest among all the other cameras in this list. [buy full package]

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2. Pentax K-50 16MP – Beginners Cameras 2020 UK

Do not get blinded by its light weight; the Nikon D5300 can perform wonders. The DSLR is equipped with the best design and the most excellent performance you could imagine. Incorporating many advanced features, the best beginner DSLR is capable of producing high-quality images with the best video recording quality. The Wi-Fi functions of the DSLR are limited, but its serves its core purpose quite well, which is why it has been given a rating of 8.38. [buy full package]

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3. Pentax K-30 – Beginners Cameras 2020 UK

The Nikon D3300 focus on three major things: simplicity, image quality, and a reasonable price. Although it is simple as compared to other DSLR cameras of its type, the model offers the best quality images. The battery life of this camera is also up to the mark, which lets it take approximately 400-700 photos once charged. Being one of the best beginner cameras, it can click some of the most exceptional still images. The camera has been rated 8.2 for all the great features it possesses. [buy full package]

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4. Canon EOS Rebel SL1 – Beginners Cameras 2020 UK

Being a Nikon-branded camera, there is no doubt about the DSLR’s image quality, which is as perfect as you can imagine it to be. Moreover, the DSLR has the capability of making excellent videos that are sure to capture all your great moments in a single go. The features provided in the camera are user-friendly such as its articulating LCD screen that allows the user to shoot at any angle. The downside of the camera is its battery life, which is not up to the mark. Still, the features have earned the camera the title of the best beginner DSLR and a rating of 7.75.

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5.Nikon D5600 – Best Cameras for Photography 2020

You name it and the camera has it. From APS-C image sensors to low-light performance and excellent image quality, the camera is the finest in serving its purpose with all the relevant functions being the best. It is capable of preserving details in the images with its brilliant dynamic range. The camera could have been even better if it had improved its articulating display, Wi-Fi, and connectivity features. The camera is rated a 7.28.

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6. Nikon D5300 – Beginners Cameras 2020 UK

The feature that makes this camera different from all others is its autofocus technique. With an innovative approach, the technique allows the photographer to take consecutive clear shots of moving objects. Apart from this excellent feature, the camera is equipped with all the other essential features one may expect in the best beginner DSLR. It is given a rating of 7.25 for its exceptional performance.

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7. Nikon D3300 24.2 MP – Beginners Cameras 2020 UK

Apart from providing good image quality, the camera has some user-friendly features that prove to be a blessing for beginners. It features a touchscreen rather than the traditional buttons for performing its functions. The DSLR also has a lot of exciting lens options for its users, which are enough of an attraction to buy the camera. It is rated 6.83.

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8. Nikon D5200 24.1 MP – Beginners Cameras 2020 UK

It not as light in weight as other cameras but is good at producing high-quality images. Being weather sealed, the camera also performs best in low light. It is perfect with respect to its features, but its massive weight and size may not let people opt for it at first sight. The DSLR is rated 6.75 and called the best beginner DSLR.

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9. Nikon D3200 – Beginners Cameras 2020 UK

The DSLR’s weather sealed body, pentaprism viewfinder, and dual control dials are the features that give it a professional flavor. It is known for producing clear pictures, which is why it has been made a part of this list. The video that the camera captures is a bit basic in nature. Nevertheless, the DSLR has been given a rating of 6.60 for all its other features.

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10. Sony A77II – Beginners Cameras 2020 UK

Its best feature is its reduced size and weight together with its video capturing ability. The camera also features a touchscreen, allowing you to get rid of buttons while you smoothly browse through your menu and perform the needed functions. The camera’s image quality is not as good as expected. You can see grainy images very often. The DSLR’s battery life too is poor, making it possible to have only 340 shots per charge. The camera is rated 6.2, regardless of the cons it has.

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The best beginner DSLRs are the most convenient to use for budding photographers. The features these cameras provide are easy to understand and relatively simple compared to professional cameras. Hence, for a beginner, one of these cameras would be the best start to their photo life.

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