Top 10 Android Games 2015/16


Apart from fulfilling their core purpose, electronic devices these days provide users with entertainment as an additional facility. Requiring just a click or tap to operate, it gets you in a whole new world of games that you would never want to willingly exit. These games are the primary source of entertainment for many people and come in different formats and types. The innovative games provided by the developers have given birth to addiction. You can play the same game for months and still want more of it, which is why these games are made long-lasting with numerous levels to unlock.

Top 10 Android Games 2015/16


Android Games

Like all other software, Android offers its users a wide range of games to choose from. Ranging from games for kids to that for adults, you can find all kinds of varieties under one roof. Out of all these games that Android makes available to its users, we would be discussing 10 of them in this article.

10 Best Android Games in 2015

1. Tiki Taka Soccer

Tiki Taka Soccer is one of the best Android game for football lovers. Players can be a part of different matches and different stadiums after each passing level. You can also hire trainers for yourself, manage your team on the field, and come up with brilliant tactics to win the game.

  • Tiki Taka Control: Its controls are specially designed for touchscreen users.
  • Tiki Taka Visuals: The players get an incredible view of the field, which is in landscape form.
  • Tiki Taka Depth: It allows players to focus on team tactics and selection while they improve their football skills on the field.


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2. Nubs’ Adventure

Nubs, the new superhero, has set out on the quest of rebuilding his house that was destroyed by the brutal Reds. The game in itself is filled with adventure and dangers at each step. Players need to travel long distances passing through rocky areas, dark caves, hills, and whatnot. On their way, they need to collect crystals to help Nubs repair his house. All in all, the game is a complete mixture of entertainment and perfect graphics with the best plot that is enough to get the players interested in this best Android game. Its features include:

  • Excellent graphics
  • Easy to grasp controls
  • Exciting levels


3. Hitman: Sniper

The Hitman: Sniper game is one of the best Android games that requires you to play the role of an anti-hero. As cool as it sounds, the game is even more thrilling when played. The players are assigned 150 target missions that help them unlock their weapons if they are successful. The players can either directly shoot the targets or take advantage of the environment, making the murder appear as an accident. The game is violent, which is what makes it even more interesting.


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4. Siegefall

A newer and rather interesting version of the traditional build and destroy games has come to us in the form of Siegefall. Siegefall is one of the best Android game and allows players to create their own army while taking on other players in order to make their kingdom supreme. The players can also build towers, gates and traps to avoid enemies coming into their territory. The best part of the game is that the player can cast spells on its enemies by getting control of the magical cards.


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5. Chaos Rings III

The game makes you enter a land filled with heroes, monsters, hidden treasures, and whatnot. The game has not only beautiful graphics but also an excellent storyline that is sure to grab the player’s attention. Its vibrant colors and scary monsters serve as a good combination in making the game worth playing.


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6. Earn to Die 2

The zombies are here to attack you and now it is your job to save yourself while you drive your vehicle to the rescue ship. The players are required to kill as many zombies as they can on their way to the rescue. The players have also got a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, ranging from sports cars to ice cream vans.

The game’s previous version featured the view of a desert, whereas the new version has the landscape of urban areas with factories and large buildings, allowing the game to qualify for the best Android game 2015.


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7. Bird Climb

Bird Climb is regarded as being similar to the famous ‘Flappy Birds’. However, it contains a lot of features that distinguish it from other bird games. The game is played on a vertical plane rather than horizontal. Players need to make the bird jump as high as possible while making sure it avoids the jagged bits and gains points on its way.


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8. Does not Commute

It is a driving game that will drive you crazy with its breathtaking graphics and interesting challenges. Does not Commute is yet another Android game that allows you to drive a car around town, interact with the town’s residents, and control other vehicles that you find on your way. The overall mission provided to the players is a complete fun package that will make them desire for more. The features offered in this best Android game include:

  • Numerous tasks
  • Brilliant story
  • Top down view


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9. Adventures of Poco Eco

With its 3D platform, the players get a chance to help Poco look for his lost sounds. The game, in general, is not complex and serves to be the best source of entertainment after a tiring day, which is the reason it got to the list of the best Android games.


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10. Attack the Light

Another best Android game known as Attack the Light is based on the ‘Steven Universe’ cartoon. The game requires the players to stop the detrimental Gem machine. The machine, though small, is powerful enough to pose the characters (players) enough challenges that make the game even more interesting and enjoyable.


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These were some of the best Android games that are loved and played by individuals of all age groups. These games can be easily downloaded, either for free or at a minimal cost. The core purpose of these games is to provide entertainment to Android users, which it has been fulfilling quite well lately. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.