Top 10 Android Apps 2015

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Last updated July 8th, 2015 at 08:03 pm

Today android is the most popular smartphone operating system in the technology world. The main power of the android is its apps which are available in android app market. There are tons of application of every type there, which include both paid and free versions of applications. As there are thousands of apps of every type, so its bit difficult to choose one best among all of them. But there are some android apps which are the need of every android phone user, because these are the apps which are used everyday. Below is the list of must have android apps for every android user.


Top 10 Android Apps 2015

1. ZArchiver ( file manager )

Almost every smartphone user need a file manager to easily organize the content of the SD card. For this purpose no app is better then ZArchiver. It will help you in managing all types of files, will also let you create or open archived files. With the help of this android app you can also open .Rar files. Interface is easy to use and colorful, you can also change the theme and background of the application.

Zarchiver top 10 android apps 2015

2. File hide pro ( file hider )

This android app is also the need of all of the android users. Because everyone have some private files in their phone, for example, family pictures and videos, office files and other important things. If you want to hide these types of files from others then file hide pro is the best solution for you. You can easily hide files by file hide pro and also set password for this app. The main feature of file hide pro is that its look like an tip counter app, so nobody will think about that you are hiding something.

File hide pro

3. Calls blacklist ( block calls and sms )

If you are tired of receiving disturbing sms and calls then calls blacklist is the best solution for you. Just add the numbers in the black list which you want to block, you can also block all unknown numbers. You can add numbers by typing them, choosing from call log and contacts. This feature is also present in many android phones but the different between this app and that built in feature is that here in this app you can also set a password to make your list private. This is one of my favourite among Top 10 Android Apps 2015.

call black list

4. Alarm clock xtreme free

If you have a bad habit of getting up late in the morning or if want to surprise your boss by going early in the office then Alarm clock xtreme is the best solution for you. You can set unlimited alarms in this application and can also set note for every alarm, for example, fill assignment for English. The main feature of this application is that you can’t snooze the Alarm until you solve one math question or fill out captcha. So alarm clock xtreme will always force to wake up early in the morning.

Alarm clock Xtreme top 10 android apps 2015

5. PDF viewer

Sometimes you have some PDF files in your mobile to read out but you can’t do that due incompatibility of PDF files with android operating system. But with PDF viewer you can easily read pdf files right in your phone. Features like zoom and jump to page are also available in this android app. You can also go through pages with volume keys and can also lock scrolling.

PDF viewer

6. Social Zone ( control every social network )

If you are a big social networking bee then social zone is must have android app for you. Because from social zone you can control all of the popular social networking sites for example, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Blogger, Googel plus, Pinterest, Orkut, My space and many others. This app is also free to install from android app market.

Social Zone

7. Photoshop Express

The free android app of the Photoshop by adobe is here. Photoshop express will let you edit your newly captured photos and old photos from album right in your android phones. You can crop, edit, rotate your photos and can add many of amazing effects in this Photoshop express android app. You can also upload your photos to TwitPic and Facebook from Photoshop express. This one is leading photo edit application of top 10 Android Apps 2015.

Photoshop express

8. Ebuddy

Ebuddy like social zone let you manage all of the popular social networks from your phone. Ebuddy is purely made for the chatting with your friends and followers on social networks like Facebook and Yahoo. You can also send files and emotions to others.


9. Opera Mini ( Web Browser )

Opera mini is my favorite web browser because its really fast web browser no matter if your connection is slow or fast Opera mini will always work fast. Opera mini is faster then others because it only receive the data which is really needed and save data usage. With Opera mini you can save up to 75%  data charges.

Opera mini

10. Mobo Player

If you have downloaded flv files from Youtube desktop and have downloaded HD videos and they are not working in your smartphone then don’t worry. Because mobo player will play all types of the videos so you can enjoy best videos in you android phone. You can also adjust volume and brightness while watching videos and can also watch videos in Pop up. This player was also in top of the las year list and not any best player has taken its place in market to beat. So this player is one of top 10 android apps 2015 from the last year.

Mobo player

So, these are the 10 must have android apps for every android user. All these apps are daily need of every android users.

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