7 Tips To Stop iOS7 From Sucking Battery

tips to stop iOS7 from sucking battery

tips to improve battery with iOS7

iOS 7 is best for sure but its proving itself as biggest battery sucker for apple devices ever. Before its release apple claimed it as battery saver but after the release iPhone users found it too dangerous for battery life. Its just compatible with iPhone 5s because of its official internal optimization for iOS 7. But older versions of iPhone specially iPhone 4 and 4s are not doing well with iOS 7 because its reducing their battery time. But as always there are some solutions for this problem, just read following 7 tips to stop iOS7 from sucking battery.


tips to stop iOS7 from sucking battery

1. Turn WiFi off

When you are out of your home or office turn off your WiFi. Normally people don’t turn their WiFi off after leaving their home and phone keeps searching for  hotspots nearby. This thing drains the battery that’s why always keep WiFi off at public locations or where you don’t have any trusted network.

2. Turn off location services

You should only allow location services to navigational apps and should turn them off for other apps like camera and Facebook. Because almost every second app installed on your phone want to know about your location without any reason and they always use GPS in background to decrease battery life. To turn location service off head to settings> privacy> location services in your iOS 7 device and disable location services for the apps that don’t deserve it. This thing will double the battery life of your iOS7 device.

3. Stops apps from automatic update

You don’t always need immediate updates for the apps. Well its always good to have an updated version of the app but update apps manually and don’t let them update automatically. Specially when your phone is away from charger.

4. Turn off raise to speak

If you don’t use Siri too much than you should turn off raise to speak feature. This feature let you talk with Siri by pressing and holding home button. To turn this feature off go to settings> general> siri> raise to speak and shift the toggle to off.

5. Turn off 4G LTE

If you are away from 4G network or don’t want to use it or you want to increase the battery life than you should turn 4G off. This will have good impact on the battery life of your device. To turn 4G off head to the settings> cellular> enable LTE.

6. Never let the battery go to zero

Always keep the battery of your phone above 30% if you want to keep it live for long time. Otherwise battery timing of your iOS7 device automatically decrease with time.

7. Keep auto brightness off

This sound little bit odd but when using iOS7 you should keep auto brightness off. Because it will give you more brightness than you actually need.

So, these are the 7 tips to stop iOS7 from sucking battery. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us for more tips and tricks.

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