5 Essential Tips to Secure your Laptop and Computers

Secure your Laptop

If you work online, then your laptop and mobile will be the most important things for you. Your computer or laptop safety is considered to be one of primary concern, because you will never ever like that any hacker get access to the main folders in your computer or laptop that are having your main data files or you will also never like to lose access to your main and important online email accounts.

Whenever hackers gets access to your computer or laptop data, they not only tries to access to your main files but also tries to get all details of your bank account and credit card.


Secure your Laptop

Mostly hackers use keyloggers and Trojans in order to get access to your computer, and using these tools hackers will be able to record your keystrokes and computer screen also.

Therefore, in order to get rid to these hackers, you must need to secure your laptop and computer. Below are some effective tips for you to secure your data while browsing internet.

Essential Tips to Secure your Laptop and Computers

Antivirus Software

If you are using outdated antivirus programs or using those antivirus which are not able to detect the virus and Trojans and take care of your computer, then your data might at risk. Make sure that you are using best antivirus such as avast free antivirus etc and keep them update to secure your files.


If you are using the default windows firewall and thinking that your computer data is secure, then you are wrong. Hackers gets easily access to those computer which are using default windows firewall, make sure you have installed the top and effective firewall program like comodo firewall, so that you can easily monitor your internet activity.

Update All Installed Programs

You should need to use File hippo update checker program in order to update all of the programs installed on your computer. Because these patches and updates will helps to remove the bugs and issues in your programs.

Install tracking software

Laptops are portable devices and when you are travelling, there are high chances to loose them. Therefore, what you should need to do is all you have to utilize that software that can track your stolen laptop such as Adeona etc. This software is open source and you can use it on your computer for free.

Backup your files on regular basis

As you may have listened that precaution is better than cure, same thing applies online. Take backup of your files on regular basis, one of the top online storage that you can use to backup your data is Skydrive that allows you to store your data up to 25GB. You can also utilize the Google Drive and Drop box.

Make sure that you are following all the tips mentioned in this guide above to secure your laptop and computer. If you have any query, feel free to ask in comments.

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