The Best Way to Unsubscribe to Email Newsletters

Unsubscribe to Email Newsletters

Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 09:06 pm

In our daily life we may get so many emails from a particular address, some of them may be important and some annoying. The unwanted email that we usually get may come frequently in a certain period of time and those useless emails will only junk our Inbox, actually they will be of no use. Especially when we subscribed to the email for a particular purpose like a newsletter, zodiac etc. They continue sending the email to our Inbox, in this case we obviously want to get rid of these activities.

Unsubscribe to Email Newsletters
Unsubscribe to Email Newsletters

In your email newsletter there must be a small link at the bottom to unsubscribe the subscription. On clicking that link you can easily stop receiving email from the particular email subscription. But be aware that some website or service does not provide the unsubscribe link. That’s why we will not be able to get rid of those these type unwanted email easily.

Here, we have presented some simple steps for our readers, that will help you to stop the notification emails or daily email newsletters in the inbox of your Gmail account.

How to Mute the Conversation

The first and the simplest steps to stop incoming mail, mute that conversation or the link. If some particular site is sending you the lots of email that you don’t need, go to your Inbox zone and select the email by checking the box and after that from the more action menu select mute.

This procedure can mute receiving the emails from the particular email address. But there is one disadvantage in this method; the sender can’t be prevented from sending his emails.

Unsubscribing from the Email Subscriptions

To stop the unwanted email newsletters, you can visit and sign-up there for free. After signing up you will get the extension for your browsers like Firefox, Google chrome, safari etc. Which will install an unsubscribe button to your Gmail account.

You have to directly send the email id from which you want to stop or mute the mail to if you can’t find the Unsubscribe button in your Gmail Inbox. After this process your email address will be kept in the queue for un-subscription.

How to Delete Email Newsletters Automatically   

Many websites ask for registering our email address on downloading anything from their website or for using their services and after that they will send specific notification or promotional emails which are often useless for us. Even the email body contains an unsubscribe link to click it if we can delete their email or notification automatically before they reached the Inbox.

Steps for creating a Gmail filter to delete the spam newsletters automatically.

  1. Click on setting after logging to Gmail account.
  2. Click on create a new filter after going to the Filter tab.
  3. At the “has the word” field put “Unsubscribe” and press the next step button.
  4. After that check on “Delete it” option.
  5. At last click on “Create filter”. This filter can also be applied for the previous “Unsubscribe” link containing emails.

Congratulation you have finished! Though you can use any of the above guidelines to stop the unnecessary and useless email in your Inbox, I advised you to create a filter and choose whatever action that you want to react to them.

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