The Best Tips And Tricks For Tumblr To Make Mini Blogging A Fun


Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 12:52 am

Today tumblr is on of best blogging tool on the internet. It comes after wordpress and blogger, there are also other tools like, joomla, webly and webs which are also strong competitors of this position. But the reason why tumblr comes after wordpress and blogger is its strong social network rich of all social networking features, which automatically promotes the content of every tumblr user and this thing help a lot. But when you come to its blogging features then you will realize that there are not sufficient features as blogger and wordpress, but tumblr is easy then those two. So make your blog more professional, here are some useful tips and tricks for you to do this. These tips and tricks will give your tumblr blogging a new turn, so read them carefully.

 Tips And Tricks For Tumblr
Tips And Tricks For Tumblr

How to find the original location of a tumblr post


New tumblr users could take weeks to find this feature but for our reader we have made it easy.  The popular tumblr posts after every “reblog” again comes on the tumblr home page and it becomes difficult to find the first person who published that. To reach to the original content just move your mouse pointer on the content, then you will see a small curve on the right top side of the content right above the like button. Click on that small curve which will take you to the original post.

Hard to find your own posts?

 If you are following some other tumblr users then your dashboard will start teeming with their posts and your posts start disappearing from there. Now the question is how to find your own posts in your dashboard? The answer to it quite simple and easy, to find your own posts just click on the “posts” on the right side bar of your dashboard, just one click on it will gather all of your posts on your dashboard.

How to create a page?

 Pages are very important part of any blog, to create about us and contact us like pages you need this feature. To create a page on your tumblr blog just go to your tmblr blog with with your tumblr account signed in. Then you will see two button customize and dashboard there in the top right side corner. Click on customize; a page will be open.

 Click on pages there on the left side bar then click on “add a page“. A new page will be open fill the details and your desired work will be complete.

How to use mobile layout for smart phones and how to put follow button:

 To activate mobile layout for smartphones like, iPhone, Android, webos, Black berry and windows mobile and to put a follow button for non tumblr users, click on customize. Then click on advanced under the page there you will find these two option, to activate just check them.

Keyboard shortcuts:

Amaze to know tumblr also support keyword shortcuts? If you hate scrolling down with mouse and want easy navigation through pictures then use j and k to go forward and backward respectively through pictures.

So, these are some tips and tricks to make your tumblr blog more better, hope you like it. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.