The Art of Salary Negotiation

The Art of Salary Negotiation

Last updated February 28th, 2015 at 01:31 am

Dealing with the earning that will buy us our bread and cake is a sensitive issue. Believing in one’s capability is the first step towards it. Once you have proven yourself and your capabilities well during the interview process, one starts getting nervous. Because then comes the time for the meaningful, receptive question of salary negotiation. The expectation about the salary receivable and the salary to be actually received is quite different and often needs to reconcile with the usual ups and downs accompanied by an employment. The dreaded portion of any interviewing process comes when they ask the applicant about their expectations and the applicant is befuddled, not knowing how to grade him or her exactly to appear modest and low rated. The constant worry is about appearing really unreasonable or greedy or in the worse case, not losing the job at the hand of someone who turns out to be more “affordable.”


The Art of Salary Negotiation

The Art of Salary Negotiation

The diplomacy becomes the best and the only tool to win over any sort of negotiations. In this competitive world, competitive skills are often prized. Follow the below mentioned points:

Be patient till You Know You Are the Chosen One:

Interviews ensure that you show your real value to you opponents, your to be employers. An early start on the salary discussion would demean the applicant and sidetrack the whole process, resulting in foregoing a valuable opportunity.

Avoid Mentioning any Figure at First Hand:

The mention of a salary figure should come from the employer himself, the drift of the conversation should be made such that the employer should get to mention the figure first. In case you are presented with the question of your expectancy of salary, reply politely that you would like to know the figure that they are in having in their mind that goes with the requirement of the job. It would be the best reply in such cases.

Prepare, Analyze and Research:

Market research and analyses as to what people related to or in the same field or in similar organizations deserve and get. The topics for research and resources would be included current employees, the website online salary calculator, and also directories of the professional associations, reports from government and industry and business-related trade magazines.  In case, if possible, salary expert can also be hired.

Know the Bottom line of yours:

What minimum salary can you really accept? Before donating too much of your time and energy towards landing to the job, find out whether or not your needs are going to be met by salary that is offered.

Don’t forget Benefits:

The dealing is not at all finished till you discuss the benefits of your job (like insurance, medical, transportation   holidays, and pension). These benefits can really add a lot to the salary.

Finally, at last one should get these entire details summarized in form of writing as an employment contract. Don’t forget to take to document results of the negotiations for checking against final contract. The art of salary negotiation is not easy and you really need to work at it for getting the best money out of your job in which you are putting your labor. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.