TextPlus 2013


TextPlus 2013 is the new application that allows you to text freely without getting into the trouble of different packages or expensive rate of sending each text. It is an application that sends free messages, and even free calls to other TextPlus users. It also provides facility of calling others that don’t have this application at cheap rates.

Here is an overview about each and every detail on it.



The moment when you download this amazing application TextPlus asks you to push notifications and then login by asking your country, name, password, email address, gender and birth year. TextPlus assigns you a phone number that you can keep it with your existing number as with Viber and WhatsApp.






TextPlus interface is straightforward. It has a bottom navigation bar that contains buttons for call, Walkie-Talkie, Message and even for Camera. By a single type you can have the complete list of your friends that have also the same application.


Calls and Messages via TextPlus 2013 to other users are free but for other domestic and international calls you can buy credits. Calls within U.S. costs 2 cents per minute, but international Rates vary. U.K. or China have calling rates of 2.2 cents per minute but Belgium costs 60.4 cents per minute.


TextPlus allows you free messages and calls to your friends having the same application downloaded. But in this application you are limited to just 20 people at a time whereas we can have 30 people in WhatsApp and 40 in Viber. Audio notes can also be sent through it. Camera Roll is also amazing as it allows you to send photos.




TextPlus is great but it does not contain as many features as its competitors. It seems to be inaccurate for finding friends and your contacts easily. The bottom Bar also distract sometimes.


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