10 Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Last updated January 15th, 2015 at 12:37 am

Facebook marketing is one of the essential tools for promoting any business online. There is a possibility that you are already using Facebook ads or other marketing tools to promote your business on the internet but there is also a possibility that you are making some of the common mistakes that are committed by many people on Facebook. You may not know about where you are going wrong so to save you from trouble, I have prepared a list of 10 “Facebook marketing mistakes” that you must avoid.


Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

10 Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake # 1 : Not Providing Enough Information on Your Page

This is the very first thing that you need to do in order to promote your page on Facebook. You cannot get away without filling all the required information on your page. If a customer visits your page and finds nothing in specific, he will never bother liking it at all.

Mistake # 2 : Not Following Cover Photo Guidelines

This is another mistake that you should never make. Before designing and uploading a cover photo for your Facebook page, take out some time to read the cover photo guidelines provided by Facebook.

Mistake # 3 : Not Obeying Contest Rules

If you are running a contest on your Facebook page then you are the one who is going to give away prizes not Facebook. This is something that you should never forget while running a contest again.

Mistake # 4 : Too Many Posts

It is a good idea to keep your fans and followers engaged on your page but posting a lot of stuff again and again will become spamming. No one likes to see so many posts from just one page appearing on their wall.

Mistake # 5 : Begging for Likes

Don’t ever ask your fans to like your posts or status. This will never earn you any respect on Facebook. If your post is good enough, they will automatically like it, you cannot enforce a decision on them.

Mistake # 6 : Posting Unrelated Content

The only reason why people have liked your page is because they are looking for specific information. Posting random content will bring nothing good to your marketing.

Mistake # 7 : A lot of Text and No Images

A picture is worth a thousand words but it doesn’t mean that you start posting pictures only. Make sure that you add some text along with pictures and pictures along with your text.

Mistake # 8 : Boring Stuff

If you are feeling bored then your fans don’t need to know about it. Similarly, if you are happy about something, keep it to yourself. They are here for a reason not to know about how you feel.

Mistake # 9 : Not Considering Insights

Facebook provides with Page insights that can help you understand your marketing efforts. Keep an eye on your page’s insights to know what works best and what bring no results.

Mistake # 10 : Not using Facebook Ads

If you have made the page for fun purpose then you can ignore the option of Facebook Ads but for a page that is representing a business, Facebook ads are must. You can spend a few bucks each month to promote your business through Facebook Ads too.

Have you ever committed above described mistakes?

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