5 Cool Tattoo Gadgets you Need to Know


Tattooing also referred to as “branding” is an ancient art. Which was practiced in various cultures by means then unrefined. Since then it has been refined and is classified by many as a form of art. Tattoo machines are the major components which are involved in tattooing. Closely following the machines in terms of importance are the ink and needles. Keeping in view the rising trends about tattoos we have listed some “tattoo gadgets” which will give you a basic know how of what tattoo machines are and what forms they come in. Listed below are some tattoo gadgets and brief details about them.

5 Cool Tattoo Gadgets you Need to Know

Cool Tattoo Gadget # 1 : Coil Tattoo Machine


It is the most commonly used type of tattoo machine. These machines employ the use of electromagnetic circuits to work on the needle movements. These needles are arranged in different patterns to obtain different results and resonate around themselves to produce patterns. These machines come in different coil designs and may be either single coiled or triple coiled. They can be made from different materials and follow different designs the most commonly used is the dual coiled machine. The coils usually range from 8 to 10 wraps and are known to cause less damage to the skin than others.


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Cool Tattoo Gadget # 2 :Rotary Tattoo machine

Rotary motor machines were amongst the first one used and were based on designs which were the first ones to emerge. The machine uses an electric motor to make the needles revolve around the core axis and in turn create designs. This electric motors make the needles revolve around and create patterns. Many designs have since been made and improved upon since it’s very first model. Some tattoo artists use different strengths of motors to yield different results.


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Cool Tattoo Gadget # 3 :Shader tattoo machine

Shader tattoo machine as the name indicates is used to shade the basic sketches up with different variants of black color and black ink. Different liner gaps are used to create different strengths of color gradients which can be obtained by shaders. Saturation level of shaders is usually pretty low. Which in turn makes the ink appear lighter and make a mark which is filled up only on a shallow level. These machines basically use the same motors as cycle machines.


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Cool Tattoo Gadget # 4 :Liner tattoo machine

This machine as the name indicates is used to draw lines which are dominant and can be used to create sketches in darker inks. It uses a shorter circuit to create patterns and generate power to draw crisp lines.


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Cool Tattoo Gadget # 5 :Pneumatic tattoo machine

These tattoo machines are among the latest and lightest to date. Not only do they produce refined results but also run on compressed air pumps and are therefore free of heavy cores needed for generating powers enough to move the needles around to create patterns. This tattoo machine has an added benefit of being autoclave proof and can therefore be autoclaved completely without having to worry about damaging some parts. Autoclaves are sterilizers which employ extreme pressures to sterilize things.


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