Swipe Through Your SMS With Sliding Messaging

Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 01:03 am

When it comes to smartphone, one of the main features that you have to consider is the messaging service. SMS or text messages are not a new thing. This feature has been used by people even when simple GSM phones were available in the market. However, cheaper calling plans and many other third party messaging apps have changed the face of text messaging. Some of the best apps that are used for voice calling and texting in smartphones are WhatsApp, Tango, Line and Viber along with Skype. Still, no body has been able to beat the charisma of Text Messaging.


When we talk about SMS messaging on android, there are not a lot of cool options available. The native messaging app of android is not that much fun to use. Moreover, some other apps are available in Google Play Store that can be used for text messaging but I have never liked any of them. The good news is that, a new contender has appeared in the market called Sliding Messaging. The first time, I heard about this app, I was thinking that it will not offer anything new. However, I decided to give it a try.

Swipe Through Your SMS With Sliding Messaging
Swipe Through Your SMS With Sliding Messaging

Below, I’m going to share a review of Sliding Messaging with all of you.

A Good Start

In past, I have installed several SMS apps in my android phone and then I uninstalled them after a few minutes because I was not impressed with their performance. While installing Sliding Messaging, I had so many things in mind but I was prepared to reject this app as well just like I had to do with other messaging apps. However, I was quite surprised to take a look at the user interface of this app. The developers have definitely put some great efforts in designing this app.

Another big difference between sliding messaging and other messaging apps is that, it takes to a page where most recent conversations are listed instead of opening a page with your entire conversations list. In the beginning, this will look a little weird to you but you will soon realize that this feature is helping you save a lot of time. We all want to start off from where you left and same opportunity is provided by this app.

Sliding Everything

Perhaps there is a reason why this app is called Sliding Messaging. If you have opened a conversation on screen and you swipe your finger on it, next conversation will be opened. This features lets you slide through all your text conversation in a quick way. I’m one of those people who is texting more than one people at a time so this features really helps me save a lot of time. The same feature is used by Google Talk app installed in android and now Slide Messaging has added it for text messages too.

Swipe Through Your SMS With Sliding Messaging
Swipe Through Your SMS With Sliding Messaging

If you want, you can use this app for free but if you want to use some advanced features then you can buy the pro version of this app for just $0.99. My overall experience of this app is really great and for the first time, I’m letting a SMS app stay in my phone.

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