Sprint Vital Review

Sprint Vital Review

Sprint is one of the leading cellular service providing company in USA. Just like other carriers they also keep coming up with different latest handsets to increase their sales and bring more customers under their contract. This time, they have come up with a stylish Android Smartphone called Vital. I’m going to Sprint Vital Review in this post.

Basics About Sprint Vital

The first thing that you will notice about Sprint Vital is its big bright screen that has a size of 5 inches. On the back side, there is a 13 megapixel camera which takes really amazing photos. The most important thing is its competitive low price tag that can easily come under your budget.

Sprint Vital Review
Sprint Vital Review

While using the phone, I realized that its home button often stops responding and can cause a lot of panic. The call quality of Spring Vital is also mediocre. I was expecting the call quality to be better.

Sprint’s Vital is ZTE’s best smartphone so far but in the same price, you can buy HTC One which is a lot better than this smartphone. The choice is yours, I’m only here to educate you about latest products in the market.

About The Phone

Spring has announced that they will be offering 4G LTE connection on Vital smartphone and it runs on Android Jelly Bean. The phone will be on sale from June 14 and the contract cost will be $99.99. The phone comes with a 13 megapixel camera, a 5-inch HD screen that shows great images and a dual core processor. ZTE is the manufacturer of this phone and this company originates from China.

If we take a look at the other handsets produced by ZTE, Vital is so far the best one. If you are looking for a big screen, fast processing speed and high quality camera then Sprint Vital has got it all for you.


The design of Sprint Vital is thin but sturdy. The overall build quality of Vital is promising and I must say that they have really impressed me with their design so far. The only thing that was sort of turn off for me is the black rectangular design. However, if we talk about ZTE then Vital is really an upgrade for them.

The overall length of the phone is 5.59 inches, the width is 2.8 inches and its thickness is 0.39 inches. The weight of Sprint Vital is 5.44 ounces which means that it is not as heavy as other devices of this device are in the market.

OS and Other Features

As I have already mentioned above in this post, Sprint Vital runs on Android Jelly Bean OS version 4.1.2. It means that you will find all the latest applications related to Android devices in this handset. Since it has got a big HD screen, you can enjoy using the apps in a decent way. The handset has got a dual core processor which is backed by a 1GB Ram. The internal memory of the smartphone is 4GB which can be extended to 32GB with the help of micorSD card.

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