Soundwave Android App


Last updated August 5th, 2013 at 09:14 am

The Android app which has managed to gain a high position in this week’s top list is today’s focal point of the article. Soundwave android app with its amazing features and modifications is getting famous day by day. Let us also have a sneak of the features of Soundwave.


 Description of Soundwave Android App:

With Soundwave, you can share what you are listening to on your mobile phones, instantly and efficiently and can see what others are listening whether they are your family members, friends, colleagues or your favourites like celebrities, athletes, musicians, actors etc. Make your own music world through Soundwave app. Find new music within no time. Soundwave tracks what you play on your music players, and the streaming services Spotify and Rdio adds to the tracking part. These tunes immediately show up in the activity feed, creating a window to your music world, hence your friends can also have an idea what are you playing at the moment and what are your likes.

You can also have a look to what is being played at any location. The location includes countries, cities, streets and buildings. All you have to do is draw a circle or a ring at the specific location with your fingers and your target would be achieved within no time.

New songs can quickly be reviewed, seen on Youtube, streamed on Soundcloud and bought from Google Play and 7digital. Uncovering new music is not a big task anymore. Download free Soundwave on your android devices today.

 More Features of Soundwave:

  • Capture what you are listening to and make them visible on your profile by posting them.
  • No more manual tagging or pushing of CDs and cassettes.
  • You can additionally immediately track what melodies you listen to on Spotify and Rdio.
  • Change your privacy settings easily.
  • Follow your friends and family or other people and find new music.
  • Set your present most beloved tune as your “Humdinger” to share it with the outer world.
  • Explore the latest and most liked or disliked songs through charts.
  • Filters would make your feed noisy or peaceful as per your demand. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.