Sony Xperia Z Ultra launches in Q3


As we all know that Sony has unveiled its famous Xperia Z Ultra on 25th June 2013. Unfortunately there were no news about its pricing and the users had an eager to know about that so as to decide when they can purchase the world’s largest monster in the phablet niche.

Everyone was thinking about the pricing but just a few hours ago the fortune rose high and Sony Netherlands shared in their local press, European price. Sony Xperia Z Ultra Launches in Q3 of 2013.



Sony Xperia Z Ultra will be available throughout the world soon by the end of Q3 of 2013.


The price will be just 719 Euros. Though it seems a bit large for some people but the tag shows that it is reasonable price. It just depends on the users budget and their needs. But the fact is that this phablet will surely change your world.



The list oof specifications of this Monster would never end up if we start reading it. Though it is the world’s largest phablet and has threatened all of its rivals. So every one is worrying about its price, sails etc. Xperia Z Ultra is the water-proof and dust free device so you can take it with you where ever you want.

Either it is a picinc party on the beach or it is some fun get together on the desert. you don’t need to worry about your phablet.


Xpria Z Ultra was launched yesterday and being powered up by Snapdragon 800 processor it will ship to various places throughout the world. It is predicted that it will be available via a few carriers. Users can have it for some packages like if they want to have it through 24 month contract they will be offfered some sort of discount as well. So no need to sit just go ahead to purchase this grat phablet with thin, slimmy and smart body and attractive features.

UK carrier three will be the first carrier that will announce the availability of Xperia Z Ultra on this network later on in 2013.

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