Sony Smartwatch 3 : A Dream come True


Sony has been known for its amazing products which have made it into the market over time. These include mobiles, televisions, LCDs and even smartwatches. Sony Smartwatch 3 is one of those products which caused quite a stir with its launch. It is a relatively new product and has many features which stand out. Its most outstanding features involve a built in GPS and a Bluetooth music player. Also its voice activated you can therefore send and check messages while dictating them orally. The built-in GPS will make it possible to be tracked anywhere anytime. The need to carry the cell phone when going out on a jog or a fitness run, is now no more. Or this is what Sony claims and boasts of.



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Not only this the voice activation allows one to ask about weather updates. Weather updates, readymade and all made to deliver for you. These features are indeed the cause for making a headline of their own. As these specs are being introduced in a smart watch which is also Android wearable, for the first time.


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These alone make it something to look forward to. But like every machine out there, this watch is not exactly flawless. Yes, there are some drawbacks to this supposedly flawless and unique one of a kind Android smartwatch from Sony.


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One of the biggest drawbacks is the faulty display screen. The yellow color appears as white and the overall display is distorted. Moving on to the design, it has a rectangular screen shape which makes it give off a sporty look. This look is nothing like the looks of LG G Watch R or Moto 6.


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The colors of Smartwatch 3 are indeed very vibrant and appear really bright and clear which is a definite upgrade from the regular black and white other fitness wears come in, but this display is a little distorted in its quality. And could definitely do with some improvements.

The fit of this watch is a little loose and its most definitely not comfortable enough to be kept on the whole night. What’s more for its obvious spectacular features this watch is a little ill equipped. As it noticeably lacks some key features which should be made available in a fitness tracker. Which include sleep cycle and heart rate.


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This obvious lack of most needed features is a definite pitfall. Also the route tracker is a little difficult to understand. Navigation is none too easier either. It could definitely use some improvements in that direction. Basically speaking Smartwatch 3 has been designed to make up for the need of carrying a phone with you on a jog or something like that.


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So you don’t have to worry about keeping your phone and music player with you. Take your tracker along and run all you want without worrying about missing some important notifications. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.