Sony C906 Honami System Dump Reveals New UI


Sony is becoming very popular in smart phone market due to amazing Sony Xperia Series. After launching popular smart phones like Xperia Z & ZL this year now rumors are floating all over the town that Sony is planning something different. According to news, Sony is launching a new phone Sony C906 Honami soon. Many leaked photos about its exterior have been shown on the internet. With the help of our sources we have details about this amazing smart phone’s user interface.


Sony is bringing many new features in this phone. So be ready for surprises because you will get to see a lot of different things in this phone. The details of some new features are given below.



This phone supports a Snapdragon 800 processor which means you can do all your stuff in a fast speed on this phone due to its powerful processor. It sure as hell sounds great.

 Video Recording

This is the feature which will catch your interest because this phone offers amazing video recording option. It is equipped with 20 megapixel sensor & it is capable of recording 4K videos in 4000 x 2000 resolution. Sony smart phone cameras always give great picture quality. Looks like, this time video recording option is going to be amazing too.

 Calendar & Calculator App

Sony is introducing a new calendar, clock & calculator app in this amazing phone. It is way better than the previous one.

 Entertainment Apps

In this phone Sony has added Updated Sony WALKMAN Music Player App, Sony Movies App & Sony Album App.

 Multiple Tasking

In this cool phone you can open several small Apps at the same time on you screen. It is such a time saver because now you will be able to do a lot of thing together.

 Messaging App

A new & refreshing Messaging App along with a new keyboard is also available in this phone.

AR App

Sony is adding a new augmented reality (AR) app in this phone. It means Sony is really putting in real hard effort to come up with something innovative because it is introducing many new apps & features. I can’t wait to get a sneak peak of this phone & features. We will keep you updated about its features. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.