Sony Announces Water Resistant SmartWatch 2 With NFC


Sony launched its first SmartWatch in the past but it was a complete flop because it did not get any positive response from the public. Just like Samsung, Sony did not accept defeat but tried even harder. Today, Sony has unveiled SmartWatch 2 at the Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai. This SmartWatch is way better than its predecessor. Sony claims that this SmartWatch is the latest & best piece of its kind in the market.



Its features are given below.


The exterior of this SmartWatch is just magnificent, the dial is made of aluminum which gives it a classy look. The band is made of stainless steel but it is removable, if you don’t like it you can replace the band.


It features a 1.2 inch colored LCD touch screen with 220 x 176 pixels of resolution. Its big & colored screen is quite latest because you will not find any thing like that in any other SmartWatch available in the market.

 Operating System

This SmartWatch supports Android 4.0 and later operating system. This is quite an improvement because its predecessor only supports Xperia devices but this SmartWatch can be connected to all Android Smart phones but still other Smart Watches supports both IOS & Android devices. So, this SmartWatch lacks in this feature.


Sony claims that this SmartWatch offers the better battery time than all its rivals. It offers 5 to 6 days with less use & 3 to 4 days with regular use battery timing. If it is true than this SmartWatch is amazing but it is not something other watches are not offering.

 Water & UV Resistant

The highlight feature of this Watch is, its dial is UV & Water resistant. It is water splash resistant, you can use it in water, its band is not water resistant but Sony has solved this problem too by making its band replaceable. So, you can wear this watch & enjoy summer fully. It works fine in daylight too according to Sony. If it is true then this watch is really a blessing, you can wear it in rainy, dusty, sunny all kinds of weathers freely.


It offers Bluetooth & NFC connectivity with the Android phones. NFC feature is unique because no other Watch has this feature till now. This feature will definitely make connecting with other phone more easy & simple.

 Other Features

It offers many apps like timer, alarm etc. It offers twitter & facebook updates which makes this watch more cool. It has a power button just like Xperia Phones.


Over all, this watch is very interesting & useful. It only lacks in one feature that it does not support IOS devices other than that this watch is quite amazing. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.