Some of the Best Ways to Promote your Blog

Promotion of Blog
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Last updated September 13th, 2013 at 06:47 pm

Whenever someone starts a Blog, some questions come to his mind. One of the biggest question from the list of all questions is “How to Best Ways to Promote your Blog?” Of course there are several ways to promote and Market your Blog but main thing is “What is the right way?”


Some of these ways include Social media and Advertising too. Well Today i am going to mention some of the best and Easiest Best ways to promote your blog and some of them are really unknown to many of us.

Promote #1: Promotion of Blog Using a Website

This is most easiest way to promote your Blog, Just make a Custom button having text “Our Blog” or something like that with having a Hyperlink behind it for your Blog. People can just click to that button and can reach you out there to your Blog which will obviously give you more profit and sales.

ways to promote your blog

Use some pages and even Menus of your website to the related articles or pages on your blog and this can be proved a best “CTA” Call To Action for your Visitors or we better say your future potential customers.

Promote #2: Email Marketing – Promoting Your Blog

Email Marketing is another best way to reach your audience and tell them about your blog and its awesome content. Well I know that people love to come to the blog and read the posts and check out other content but what if they can receive that awesome content in their Mailbox.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

You have to build an Email list for the potential Customers and Visitors and after that you can Send them daily, Weekly or Monthly newsletter or may you want to send an invite to their email address to join your New or Old Blog about which they do not know. You can use some offers to capture the emails of your customers, Like offering an E-Book in return of their Email address, etc.

It also helps you to reach your potential customers. You can latest promotions and Deals to them or maybe you can inform them about Latest content you had recently started on your Blog. Users and Customers like Email newsletters and Promotions and they really will appreciate your efforts.

Promote #3: Social Media – Ways to Promote Your Blog Effectively

As I also explained in some of my previous posts that Social media can be proved an extremely useful tool for the marketing of your Blog or Business. Well if we use it for spreading the content of your blog or the offers you had recently offered on your Blog, it will be proven a Best tools for that purpose. Give some social Media websites a Try like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, etc. It is absolute thing that you will get better results.

Social Media
Social Media

Promote #4: Business Card

We only think about Online Promotion and Marketing of our blog but we never think about offline Marketing of Blog. Of Course offline marketing of Blogs is also an effective thing and you can get even better results using those tactics.

Business card
Business card

You can print a Link to your Blog on your Visiting card or Business cards to spread the word more instantly. This can give you better results and your customers can check out your Skills on your Blog. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.