Some Most Common Mistakes made by Logo Designers

complex logo

Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 01:00 am

As we have discussed that a logo is very important for any company. Because it don’t only give company its own identity but if logo is unique and memorable it also increase the reputation and popularity of a company. So the main thing here is uniqueness of the logo, but creating simple and unique logos is not a simple task to do. Sometimes even professional logo designers make usual but serious mistakes which destroy their whole design. There are some common mistakes made by logo designers, if you are a new in designing field then better know about these mistakes, so you can avoid them in beginning of your career. Below is the list of 5 most common mistakes made by logo designers, just read them, understand them and avoid them, list starts now.


1. Poor typography and font choice

Typography and font choice both are the back bone of any logo design. Try to keep the things simpler and understandable, do not use too many weights and also do not keep much difference in used font weights. For example if one font is too bold and other is too thin then it would probably looks bad. Also do not use many colors in fonts, for using right font first think what your project is about. Then shortlist most suitable fonts then use one special among those.

best use of typography in logo
best use of typography in logo
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2. Don’t make it too complex – common mistakes made by logo designers

Another important thing is not to make your design too complex and abstract. Some designers use abstract and big fonts and also add too many colors in it, which is not a good thing. If company name is too large then just choose some words out of it and then use the full title properly. Simple logos are easy to remember and have deep effects.

complex logo
complex logo
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3. Color Effects and concept

Some companies want colorful logos, that’s why some designers while create colorful logos starts with colored fonts. But this practice can distract your attention from main design. While creating colorful logos first make the font using black and white color and then add colors you want to put in, this will keep your attention to your basic design.

Example of best colorful logo

4. Use of raster images

Raster images mean use of pixel images which are usually created in Photoshop. Logo should be created in vector graphics program such as adobe illustrator. The main feature of logos created in adobe illustrator is that logos can be scaled to any size, that’s you should final your project after giving it a try in any vector graphics program.

raster images
raster images
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5. Stealing or Using Others Ideas – common mistakes made by logo designers

This is the most common and the most dark side of the some professional designers these days. Designers see logo design elsewhere and then call them their own ideas after changing some words or doing some basic editing. This type of designers does not only fail to make their impact, but they also never get success until they work hard and craft their own skills.

Stealing other ideas
Stealing other ideas
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These are the some most common mistakes made by logo designers. All of these mistakes should be avoided by every designer if it wants to be successful.

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