Some Great Tips to Increase The Number of Hotels Guest Reviews

Add Call to Action

Last updated September 13th, 2013 at 10:56 pm

If you are the manager or owner of a hotel and you want to get good rankings on the internet then you should make sure that most of your guests leave positive reviews about your hotel on the internet. In today’s world when everyone has got a smartphone in their hands, people like to leave reviews and tips about the places they visit. Same is the case with your hotel. If someone is thinking about staying in your hotel, they will search about it on the internet first. If they will find good and positive reviews about your hotel, they will never hesitate to check in however, if most of your guests have left bad reviews about your hotel, you will definitely lose many new customers.


Increase The Number of Hotels Guest Reviews

There are many tips that you can use with the help of which your guests will leave positive reviews about your hotel. Most commonly used review services are Google and I’m going to share some useful tips to increase the number of hotels guest reviews.

1 – Add Call to Action

If your hotel is listed in online directories like Google and Yelp then you should take some time to write short description about your services. This will help people know about your hotel and they will want to check in with you. You should add call to action to your online profile. If a person is staying in your hotel, he should be given an opportunity to know more about your services and share his experience. The days are gone when manual guest books were used to gather reviews from customers. Today, people tend to leave reviews on the internet. You cannot alter those reviews because it is completely dependent on the will of a customer. By adding a positive call to action, you will encourage your customers to leave positive reviews about your services on the internet. Keep in mind that call to action is an important aspect of any service.

increase the number of hotels guest reviews

2 – Ask Your Customers

This is a race between you and your customer. If you will not ask the question, you will never get the answer. In order to make sure that a customer leaves positive review about your restaurant on the internet, you should personally ask them to do so. Once a customer will realize that you are an up-to-date person and know about latest technology, he will be convinced to leave positive feedback. However, before asking a customer to leave a positive review, you should provide them with better services.

Ask Your Customers

3 – Show Previous Results

Since you have been collection feedback from your customers since a long time, it is advised to show those results to your new customers too. The news customers will realize that you really offer great services and that is the main reason why most of your previous customers have left positive reviews. By doing so, you can definitely get positive reviews from your new customers. The reviews that you collect are the really asset of your hotel.

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