Smart Phones, Smart Watches and Now a Smart Ring (Smarty Ring) – What’s Next?

There is no doubt that the technology world has gone crazy now. With every passing day, new updates about already existing technologies are appearing in the world. There was a time when smartphones were introduced for the first time, then “smart watches” were introduced, google launched its “smart glasses” and now, we are coming to you with a hot news about a ring called “smarty ring“. This is a smart ring that lets you manage a lot of thing from your finger. I know, even the idea of smart ring feels amazing and you will be thrilled when I tell you about details of this smart ring.

smarty ring


With the help of “smart ring”, you can manage your smartphone notifications without getting your phone out of your pocket. This is a Bluetooth enabled ring that you can wear and it can be connected to your phone with the help of an app. You can check notification alerts and also know who is calling you with just one ring in your finger.

smarty ring

There is a dedicated app to manage the working and change the settings of “smarty ring“. You can use the device to watch your phone and even if you have lost your phone, the ring can help you find it easily too.

smarty ring

If you have left the phone on your couch and you have walked more than 30 feet away, the ring will beep to let you know that you have missed something. The battery life of this smarty ring is 24 hours which is really astonishing.

smarty ringVia: Smart ring

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