“Skyfall”: When the Next James Bond movie will be Released?

Skyfall - James Bond Movie

Could you believe? Skyfall just crossed the barrier of $100 million on local box office and it’s not even a week since the movie was released. No wonder, people are still crazy about James Bond and the image created by this series is not going to die anytime sooner.

Skyfall - James Bond Movie
Skyfall – James Bond Movie

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Usually, when you have a hit movie in Hollywood, it means that you can start producing another part of the movie and release it next year which will definitely help you make millions of dollars. However, in case of James Bond 007, the production team is not in a hurry to jump onto the next project. I think, they also deserve to enjoy the success of “Skyfall”. According to the sources, the authorities are not in a rush to find a new James Bond for next movie at all.

Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson who are the producers of this series since last 20 years also say that they had to face many legal challenges in making this movie and that is the main reason why there is a gap of 4 years between release of previous and current James Bond movie. However, they are committed to bring more quality for people but still, they are not in any hurry.

Women and even teenage girls are still crazy for James Bond and it must be admitted here that he still looks fit and gorgeous in his 50’s.

“Sometimes there are external pressures from a studio who want you to make it in a certain time frame or for their own benefit, and sometimes we’ve given into that,” Broccoli said. “But following what we hope will be a tremendous success with ‘Skyfall,’ we have to try to keep the deadlines within our own time limits and not cave in to external pressures.”

It is clear that legal challenges were the real problem in releasing the new movie. The MGM has the rights to keep the movie and all legal rights go to them as well. However, the company doesn’t have a distribution network and for the same reason, Sony charged “25%” of the revenue to help release the movie worldwide. However, Sony is not part of the deal for next projects.

The longest wait for Bond lovers was of 6 years when they finally got to see the next movie in 1995 “GoldenEye” and that was also because of legal battle. Mostly, the Bond movies are released with a difference of 2-3 years. For example; in 2006, we had “Casino Royale” and in 2008, we had “Quantum of Solace”. However, after that movie we have got the opportunity to see James Bond in action after a wait of 4 years. We really hope that in coming years, there will be no longer waiting periods and the production company will get over with legal battle very soon.

Looking at the statements coming out from production camp, we understand that the next James Bond movie is not going to be released until next 2-3 years.

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