Saving Chat History in Google Talk – How to Do it?

Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 08:23 pm

Google talk is definitely the worlds most used and popular chat messenger for instant messaging. Among numerous features such as quick communication with active contacts and file transfer, Google talk enables the user to send and receive instant messages to their friends or relatives. However the only difficulty with instant messages is when they disappear as soon as they had turn up. Unlike the mails that keep a constant record of every mail that was sent and received, chat messages and conversation history are stored only when the correct settings are done. It is quite easy to find a chat and reread it and also one can send messages to the contacts that are not online. All the chats that are done within Gmail or by using any other program to couple with Google Talk can be saved automatically at your Google account.

Saving Chat History in Google Talk
Saving Chat History in Google Talk

All those chats that are saved act really like email conversations and not something like real time chat that you do. The instant messages that are archived in Gmail can be seen under the contact name automatically, and then this can be searched just like any other email conversation. Just enter the contact in the search box and click enter. You will have results of both chat and email history with the contact that you made in the past. However for this the saving option in chat history needs to be able.

How to Save Your Google Talk chat history:

Make the following settings to keep a track of your chat history in Google talk.

Choose Settings from the top navigation bar on Gmail.

Saving Chat History in Google Talk
Saving Chat History in Google Talk

Next move to the “Chat” tab.

Saving Chat History in Google Talk
Saving Chat History in Google Talk

Select the “save chat history in my Gmail account” under the option Chat history.

Click on “save changes”.

All the saved chat logs can also be accessed in mails through IMAP. One could also choose to go “off the record” if an individual does not want to see chat history with any particular contact. This can be done by selecting the “Go off the record” from the “options” button menu. When an individual replies to a chat in the chat history, an immediate message is received by the contact in form of an email. The conversation can restart after a day or even a week after the first talk. One could also treat individual chats like any other mail. One could “star” it as important, apply a label or delete it. Google talk has an in-built AOL instant messaging system that saves every conversation to Gmail “chat” folder. If your contacts do not enable the chat history feature in Gmail, they would not receive your offline messages. And the same is applicable on you. So, if you want to not lose your precious Gtalk chat records which you can through anytime you like, then do able these option and Google will see to the rest. Just make a few clicks and your chat history will never leave you again!

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