Samsung introduces Galaxy note 10.1

Samsung introduces Galaxy note 10.1
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Samsung has recently introduced the biggest version of its device Galaxy Note and this time they have come up with a 10.1-inch screen. We are going to review this incredible device by Samsung in this post.

Samsung introduces Galaxy note 10.1
Samsung introduces Galaxy note 10.1

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By looks, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is quite similar to Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. You will see that the speaker’s grills are on the front side of the device which means that you can accidentally cover them while using this device.

There are two different colors available for this device. The device that we have got our hands on is a silver colored device but you can also purchase it in grey color as well. On the back side of the case, you will find a 5 megapixel rear camera. The color of the black plate is either white or grey and we believe that it is prone to scratching very easily. While you press it, it flexes but not that much to cause you worry.

The overall look of Galaxy Note 10.1 doesn’t beat the iPad-3 or Asus Transformer Pad Infinity in anyway. Now, we know that those devices are kind of low end devices in front of this tablet but when you look at the price of Galaxy Note 10.1, you expect things to be a lot better and a little extra ordinary too.

We are quite satisfied with the screen resolution of 10.1 inch screen and the way it shows graphical results. The overall resolution of the screen is 1280×800 pixels with a distribution of 149 pixels per inch. Well, this is really disappointing, we had expected a lot better from Samsung. It doesn’t beat any high-end tablet in anyway. I believe that very soon Samsung will have to look into that issue and come up with a solution to make this product a success.


A 1.4-Ghz quad-core processor has been installed in Galaxy Note 10.1 having a back end support of 2GB RAM. For the first time ever, a tablet or smartphone is getting more than 1GB of RAM so Samsung has managed to create history here. It can also support 3G data network for connectivity. The internal storage capacity of this device is 16GB and while reviewing we noticed that 11.66GB of that storage space was free. If you need more storage memory, you can insert a microSD card as well. One thing that we didn’t like about this device is the charging and computer connectivity port. Samsung is using its own designed proprietary port for charging and connectivity. So, you will never want to mislay the cable provided by Samsung.

Performance & battery life

As for as the performance is concerned, the 1.4-Ghz quad-core processor and 2GB RAM are good enough for Galaxy Note 10.1 to perform properly and smoothly. We didn’t notice any lagging in its performance during our review. However, the device was not as impressive as we had expected it to be based on the specifications of this device.

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