Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date and Details


Samsung Galaxy S6 is the latest in the series which is bound to make it in the market in early 2015. With the release of S5 a stage was set for S6. The release of S5 made expectations for S6 higher than they were before. Also the mobile company Samsung is rumored to have introduced the concept of flexible display for the first time in the history of smart phones. Although Samsung Galaxy S5 is being criticized highly for it’s design which has not made it up to the expected mark. But the Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to meet the standards being set by the masses awaiting it’s release.  The most outstanding feature of this phone will be it’s flexible display screen which is one of a kind thing and has never been introduced in a smart phone before. The latest news about S6 is that Samsung is designing it from the scratch. New changes in interface can be expected. Or it might be the case that an altogether new interface is designed and introduced in this upcoming smart phone. We have listed some leaked updates about this phone which are based on the leaked information acquired from different sources. Gear up and read it all here.



The phone is expected to be water proof and shock proof. Also it’s micro chip is being worked upon to improve it better and make it well suited for 4G. Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to have 5.5 inch screen and might have 4GB RAM. What’s more S6 is thought to be the most needed selfie phone which will be equipped with a secondary flash. Which will help users take the perfect photo with front camera. The awaiting masses can keep their fingers crossed for the Samsung S6 to be equipped with front music speakers. Making it all the more perfect pick for listening to the music. It might be capable of recording videos in 4k. With front facing flash and 4K video recordings “Samsung Galaxy S6” is just the right device for the future generations of smart phones. S6 is expected to be the first smart phone to have 64 bit Snapdragon 810 Android which will support 4G LTE. Also the camera facing the rear direction is expected to be 20 mega pixels. What’s more Samsung Galaxy S6 might be the first phone in Galaxy series to have Octa Core Exynos chip.


All the specs and features are the ones which are based on rumors leaked from different sources. This remains to be seen what the real S6 might be equipped with or not. For hearing something which has been confirmed by the company, we have to wait for official releases. With the speculated features and specs which associate the high end camera quality of 21MP, and 4K video recording, this Galaxy phone is just the thing needed to make a mark in the tech market. Throw out the need to have a digi cam or 4G supporting tablets, wait for S6 and invest in something which might just be worth it.

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