Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 2015 things you need to know


Samsung’s most awaited series of mobile phones, the Galaxy, has never failed to delight its customers. Saying the Galaxy phones are flawless would not be a lie. The phones are designed in such an elegant yet functional manner that it is hard not to show them off. The features provided by Samsung can take months to explore. The phone, together with the value it provides to its users, is exceptional in all regards.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 2015 things you need to know


The Galaxy series has launched some amazing phones, one of which is the Galaxy S6 Edge. Incorporating great features, the phone is user-friendly and classy. In this article, we will discover the features of the incredible Galaxy S6 Edge.

Intuitive Camera

The camera of the Galaxy S6 Edge is known for giving crisp and sharp images with each click. The phone camera takes less than a second to launch, while the flawless images it provides are admired by its users. Moreover, it is often difficult for a camera to take pictures in low light. However, this is not true for the S6 Edge. The phone is capable of not only taking great pictures in bright light, but also excels in producing excellent images in low light.



You must have perceived the Samsung phones to be poor battery savers, but it is not so. The phone charges as quick as you can imagine. Just 10 minutes of charging can allow the user to use the phone for as much as four hours, which is not bad at all. Moreover, if the user need to save their battery from being consumed, they can always turn on the phone’s Ultra Power Saving mode.


Extraordinary Power

The phone is a power pack for its users. It is capable of providing flawless performance. The phone will not disappoint when it comes to efficiently consuming power for the sake of 3D gaming or any heavy multitasking. It has the ability to allow users to carry on with their routine mobile tasks while downloading apps and anything else as per their need.


Innovative Display

The phone’s display is appealing and innovative enough to capture everyone’s attention. Whatever is to be viewed on the phone is guaranteed to qualify as a great experience for the users. Be it movies or games, the engaging display of the Galaxy S6 Edge is no less than a good theater or LED experience.


Voice Recognition

The phone is always ready to obey your commands, no matter where you are. The Galaxy S6 Edge comes with a built-in voice recognition software that responds to the instructions provided to it. On command, the mobile can open the said app in seconds, freeing the user from the hassle of clicking and scrolling through the list of apps in order to find the ones they need to use. It is a simple feature that is capable of simplifying complicated procedures.


Payment Options

It must have sounded unbelievable in the past when you heard that a phone can help you pay your bills, but today it isn’t much of a shock. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge can help users pay their bills via Samsung Pay if they do not have a credit or debit card. It’s the fastest and most convenient way to transfer money, allowing you to shop for anything without carrying cash or cards with you. The option is compatible only with NFC and debit and credit card readers.


Sharing Content Across Screens

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge comes with an amazing quality that allows the phone to sync with the user’s registered television. Using this technology provides both screens with a fast and easy method of sharing content. Information including calendars, reminders, and other such stuff can be shared on the television screen by making good use of this technology.


Samsung Accessories

Samsung’s accessories serve as the perfect match for the Galaxy S6 Edge. These accessories include phone covers, headphones and battery pack. The items not only help enhance the beauty of the phone, but also allow it to function in a much better way. Hence, it’s a great combo of splendor with performance.

Tight Security

Hacking the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is next to impossible. The phone comes with a pre-installed mobile security platform that ensures the phone remains safe no matter what. Users can use their mobile phone without the threat of their phones being a victim to hacking or malware.


Personal Fitness Coach

S health is an innovation in phone applications and serves as the user’s personal fitness coach. The software allows users to set their fitness goals, track their everyday performance, and get their body toned by following the software’s guidance. The software is prepared to keep track of your health, keeping in mind the aim of ‘better health, better you.’

Amazing Gifts

The phone is not only a power pack but also an entertainment bundle that sends incredible gifts to its customers on a random basis. The users are gifted with premium apps, which vary in nature from self-improvement to gaming apps. The gifts can be enjoyed by the users for free and hence, serve as an attention-grabbing factor for Samsung lovers.

Customize Your Phone

The phone can be customized by changing its theme. The theme store, which contains a wide range of beautiful and vibrant themes, is available to the user from where they can get any theme they like. The user can always choose the theme that matches their personality, something they wish to design their phone with.

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The phone is an excellent piece of technology equipped with every feature that one might think of. From personal grooming to entertainment, the phone contains all kinds of software that can allow users to spend their leisure time in a productive manner. Moreover, the performance of the phone is exceptional. Being a product of Samsung, the phone has fulfilled all expectations that people had from the brand. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.