Samsung To Announce Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date – Rumors Spreading Already


As the 2013 is coming to an end, the debate about new flagship device to be introduced by Samsung is heating up on the internet. It is being rumored on the internet that Samsung will soon be announcing the “Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date“. Some people are saying that the new Galaxy smartphone will have a curved display screen while others are of the view that Samsung will not experiment with its flagship device from Galaxy S series. It is yet to be seen when the release date for “Galaxy S5” will be announced by Samsung and what features will be available in that smartphone.



Rumor factory has it that Samsung is interested in introducing a curved screen display for its “upcoming Galaxy S5” device but they might not go ahead with the plan because there are some problems with the production process. It not that Samsung cannot produce curved panels in bulk but the number of sales have always exceeded the expectations when it comes to S series devices by Samsung. Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 have done exceptionally good business in the market and of course, Galaxy S5 will make people go crazy as well. Before deciding to introduce curved display in Galaxy S5, Samsung will have to make sure that they can supply the demand.


The first ever curved screen smartphone introduced by Samsung is called Galaxy Round Smartphone and it was released in October, 2013. Only in South Korea, more than 50,000 Galaxy Round handsets have sold so far. It can be said that Galaxy Round is a curved version of Galaxy Note 3. The curved phone has done good business but when it comes to Galaxy S5, millions of copies will be needed in market. The question is; whether Samsung will be able to build millions of curved screen panels or not?

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