Samsung Galaxy Note Edge


These must be the words of the Samsung CEO as he gave orders to build it’s new device, The “Samsung Galaxy Note Edge”. We won’t say that the curve is the new flat, although it is better than the flat. Ever since early 2013, we’ve seen the Korean techno giants release better and curved products innovating technology for the better. The list of gadgets includes the Samsung round, a TV and even wearables. And as we reach the end of 2014, Samsung introduced the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge as the latest addition to their curved technology that targets productivity. Hence, Samsung has made its approach quite obvious; It wants to be leader of technology when curved technology is the real deal.



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Although its use is not very hard, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge isn’t the type of phone that you learn overnight. It’s rounded shape and the rounded Edge screen feature gives the user a very different experience than what he/she usually gets in a flat smartphone.


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On the other hand the curved screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge provides you to make the most of your screen, as the productivity increases in the phone and it therefore provides more features while using. Although if you look at it this way, sometimes users can get annoyed of the rounded screen as for a flat screen user this innovation isn’t really of any use.

Im quite confused between finding the curve innovation in the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge quite simpler or more difficult. Honestly speaking you can’t really analyze on if it will suit the normal user or it wont. Use the features as an innovation, that’s all. Although i find it quite impressive that the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has opened many gates to new technology

So far, i’ve seen no problem in the Samsung Galaxy note edge and have found it to be a more good looking phone than most phones out there.


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Usually when a phone shows something new to you it demands a price that hurts the wallet, but the price seems very outrageous on this item. If you buy it off contract you’ll find it of around $840 to $946 in USA, about £650 in the United Kingdom and AU$1,249 in most Sydney outlets.


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Positive Point The curve shape and productivity provides something that is rather innovative and new to the market, making it a favourite for the tech geeks.

Negative Point It resembles the note 4 just very wide and the price tag on it seems outrageous. Way out of reach for a common user. Something i certainly won’t buy for that price


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The Main Point We’ll cut it short and simple. Get this phone if you have enough money to test new innovations. Innovatively a beast but very heavy on the price tag. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.