Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date and Details


Samsung phones are a mark of their own when it comes to quality Android products. Samsung takes home the credit for coming up with products the likes of Galaxy Note 4, Note 3, Galaxy S4 etc. Samsung galaxy note 4 made it into the market sometime back. And since then has bagged some amazing rave reviews. And is considered among the most sought after phablets in the market nowadays. The high standards set by Note 4 automatically set up the bars quite high for the next one in series, which happens to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This phone plus tablet or as is most commonly referred to as a phablet expects to make it in the retail market sometime next year that is 2015. Galaxy note 4 has some amazing features which are expected to make an appearance in the very same format in Galaxy note 5 as well.



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In this article we will cover up some expected features which are to be made available in Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Note 4 has a super AMOLED 5.7 inch screen and has some metal finishing as well. Galaxy Note 5 is expected to have 5.9 inch 4K super AMOLED display which will be capable of pumping up a solid 600+ ppi. Now that alone qualifies for three loud woots. This is not it, it’s RAM is expected to be 4GB RAM and storage will be 16GB, 32GB and 64GB and it will further have expandable memory storage of up to 128GB. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will also have Aluminum finished edges with metallic curves. Expect to see the metallic trends making a repeated appearance in the future Galaxy Note phablets.


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Samsung Galaxy note 5 may not be dust and scratch resistant but it most definitely can be expected to be water proof. Next comes of course the Android lollipop. Another feature which might be included in Note 5 is the finger print and retina scanner. Prepare yourself for some high tech lock up of this phone. You can now put security locks on your data and gallery in style. Expect to see a solid 18 megapixels rear camera with camera sensors and accurate auto focusing. And also expected is the added feature of a 5 MP front facing camera which is expected to have an awesome grip and capture deemed perfect for capturing some outstanding selfies. Samsung Galaxy note 5 will therefore be selfie friendly. Also expected to be seen in Note 5 are some health monitors which include heart rate calculator. Stylus might also make a comeback with this Note 5.


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All these features and a few more are expected to set a bar for the Android phones which might appear in the market after this one. The features mentioned above are based on mere speculations, what does or doesn’t make it in the real phone remains to be seen. But whatever it maybe, it’s definitely going to be the next best thing in the world of Android phablets.

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