Samsung Galaxy Core Advance – A Phone For Disabled and Elderly People


All the phones that come out in market are usually targeted for normal smartphone users but what about the elderly and disabled people? It appears that there are second to none smartphones in the market that are designed and manufactured while keeping the needs of elderly and disabled people in mind. Well, you should not lose hope because “Samsung Galaxy Core Advance” is soon going to be launched in market. This smartphone is specially designed for those who are older or physically impaired due to any reason.

Samsung Galaxy Core Advance


In past, few examples of such devices have been seen in the market but it appears, they were not as successful as they were supposed to be. This time, Samsung has decided to jump into the river and come up with their smartphone called “Samsung Galaxy Core Advance“. The name is definitely a combination of two latest devices introduced by Samsung and it could be given this name to make elderly and disabled people special.

Samsung Galaxy Core

Keep in mind that there are only rumors about this device and no official statement has been issued by Samsung so far about Samsung Galaxy Core Advance smartphone. Some of the features and specs of the phone have been leaked by Korean media so we will have to rely on them for the passage of time. The power and volume buttons will remain eliminated all the time but that will consume a lot of battery so the phone is expected to have a heavy battery installed in it. Those who have trouble seeing things can benefit from this device and its settings.

Samsung Galaxy

The phone will also have an extra coting that will help it preventing from scratches. The phone camera will be enabled with text viewing technology. The user will just tap on the text and the phone will read it out loud to them. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.