Samsung Forms Carbon Fiber Joint Venture with SGL


Samsung earned a great deal of success in the past few years for making best Android smart phones. But lets face it, Samsung Galaxy S4 was a huge disappointment because Samsung introduced too many new features in one phone and they were not even well supported. In comparison to it, HTC One collected its share of success ranking all the way up to top leaving all the other smart phones far behind. Samsung’s team is working really hard to come up with better technology in the upcoming phones especially they are focusing on the exterior.


According to our sources Samsung is thinking about changing the exterior of its phones because plastic body of Samsung Galaxy series did not get much praise. In the past, news came that all the future Samsung phones will have a aluminum body. But now be ready for a surprise because according to recent news, Samsung is experimenting on Carbon fiber to use it in the exterior of its up coming phones.



Press Release

Samsung Petrochemical & SGL Group teamed up to develop new industrial & electronic applications with carbon composite materials for Samsung & the Korean market. In press release they mentioned many times that this carbon fiber will be used for electronic products & it will hit the Korean market first. That is a hint for all of us that we may get to see this material in the future Samsung smartphones.

Benefits Of Carbon Fiber

In the future Samsung smartphones will be either aluminum coated like HTC One or carbon fiber coated we can’t say anything for sure. This carbon fiber material will make smart phones way better & luxurious. If this news is true then in the future we will see lighter & better smart phones. We all are hoping that in the future Samsung will come up with something real good. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.