10 Top Richest Cricketers of the World 2015

Brett Lee

Last updated January 16th, 2015 at 05:41 pm

Cricket is called gentleman’s sport. The biggest following of this sport is present in subcontinent region that exists in South-Asia. If you think that a person can make money only by doing some sort of business or playing politics then you are wrong. In this post, I’m going to tell you about top ten “Richest Cricketers of the World 2015”.


10 Top Richest Cricketers of the World 2015

Cricketer # 10. Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke is not only handsome and good looking cricketer but he also one of the most stylish and richest cricketers of the world as well. His net worth is US$2.5 million. Recently he is the captain of Australian Cricket Team.

Cricketer # 9. Kevin Pietersen

At number 9, we have Kevin Petersen. This stylish player is a heartthrob of ladies all over the world. Not only he is good looking and charming but his style of playing is also sexy too. His net worth is US$3 million. Addidas is the biggest sponsor of Kevin Petersen.

# 8. Brett Lee – Richest Cricketers of the World

Australia has produced some really great, charming, good looking and furiously fast speed bowlers. Brett Lee is one of them. Although he is retired from international cricket due to several injuries, still he has managed to make it to the list of top ten cricketers of the world. The net worth of Brett Lee is also US$3 million.

Cricketer # 7. Ricky Ponting

Whenever people will talk about best cricket captains of all time, they will use the name of Ricky Ponting as an example. Not only this man led the Australian cricket team for a long time but he also managed to win many big tournaments including two consecutive World Cups. The net worth of Ricky Ponting is US$3.5 million.

# 6. Sourav Ganguly – Richest Cricketers of the World

This Indian opening batsman and former Captain also known as “Dada” not only has a charismatic personality but he is also one of the richest cricketers of the world as well. His net worth is US$3.5 million.

Cricketer # 5. Andrew Flintoff

Out of all those great players that England’s Cricket team has produced, Andrew Flintoff is also one of them. This tall and furiously fast speed bowler has not only a good name in the cricketing world but has also made some good amount of money as well. His total net worth is US$4 million.

Cricketer # 4. Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid is one of my favorite cricketers. If you want to see the real class of a test player then Rahul Dravid is a good example for you. His total net worth is US$5 million.

Cricketer # 3. Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh is not only considered as the savior of Indian team in crucial times but he is a Lungs Cancer survivor too. This man has the credit to hid 6 sixes in an over as well. His total net worth is US$5.5 million.

Cricketer # 2. Sachin Tendulkar

This little master has been playing Cricket for Team India since last 2 decades and still it looks like that he has got a lot of cricket left in him. This man has got so many records on his credit that may remain unbroken for many coming decades. His total net worth is US$8 million.

Cricketer # 1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

The number one spot goes to current Indian Team Captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. This calm man may not look like an aggressive player but give him a bat and see how aggressive he can get. His total net worth is US$8 million.

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