Review and Tips For Ezine Articles

A Review of Ezine Articles

Last updated February 27th, 2015 at 11:26 pm is one of the top best-known online article directories having the highest volume of traffic and highest Alexa rank in comparison to other article directory. You can submit your high quality articles in exchange of a hyperlink which you can put in the end of your article. Through the link from your article you can target traffic to your site. EzineArticles is a popular place for submitting articles because for a relevant search term, most of the articles from this site rank in the Google’s top 10 results. In EzineArticles you can submit your articles for free. Do you know that there is an almost very negligible internet marketer who doesn’t heard about Ezine Articles or those who have not posted their articles in EzineArticles.


Review and Tips For Ezine Articles

Review and Tips For Ezine Articles

Why to use EzineArticles

1) High priority by Google:

Even Google gives priority to EzineArticles and it quickly indexes newly published articles and the articles also use to have a higher rank in search results.

2) Rich inbuilt feature:

They have easy to use, feature-rich and well-developed user interface which will allow you to post your articles easily. If you want to modify your post then using their tools you can modify it easily. The page view statistics and the keywords by which people find your post through search engines are also available for your post.

3) Stronger oversight:

The editorial oversight may be somewhat weak but the oversight seems to be stronger than other article directory currently available in the net.

4) Quick response:

The replies to inquiries from their staffs are consistent and quick. It seems that to create a positive user experience they had a strong commitment.

How the Articles Gets Published:

If you want to publish your article on Ezine Articles then you have to submit your article to EA and after getting approved from them your article will be published. If you are not aware about their guidelines and rules then there is a chance of getting your article being rejected.

Criteria for submitting a post:

If you want to submit any article to Ezine Articles then you must have to submit your original articles of which you own the copyright. You cannot submit any promotional articles but any legible and informative articles can be posted.

What you should avoid:

  1. Promotional articles
  2. Information about any illegal activities
  3. Porn contents
  4. Obscenities to any group or individual
  5. Materials generating negative impacts

What types of people are currently using Ezine Articles?

Currently internet marketers are using Ezine Articles for marketing. You may wonder how they do marketing if it is blocked. There is a box below the title and body of every article where he can put his author resource which may include the personal information along with business and even a link to blog or website. The most important thing while putting the link is that you shouldn’t put any affiliate links in the resource box.

Not only the online marketers, you can also use Ezine Articles for submitting your posts. Submitting post is free till this current date. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.