Razer Blade – A Gaming Laptop


Ever heard of the gaming laptops? Yes there exist some laptops whose sole purpose is that of gaming. Of all such laptops, the one who has made its way through every other is Razer Blade. You can play as many games and every type of game on this invention. Here are some features of Razer Blade.


 Features of Razer Blade:

Razer Blade is more slender than an inch, (.88 inch in tallness), 16.81 inch in width, 10.90 inch in thickness and it weighs less than 7 pounds, which is excellent thinking of it is a gaming laptop. Talking about specifications of processor, it is equipped with an I7-2640 m double centre 64 Bit processor (2.8 GHz/ 3.5 GHz). Actually, this is possibly the best Dual centre processor however it still won’t stand a chance against a quad-centre. Razer Blade possesses NVIDIA’s Optimus features along with a Next generation NVIDIA discrete GPU (GT 555 m) in addition with 2 GB devoted GDDR5.

The Graphic card is capable of handling games without any issue. It’s most likely the best you can have, so 5/5 in the department of GPU. Along with storage of 320 GB, an 8 GB of 1333 MHz DDR3 memory has also been discovered in Razer Blade. It additionally offers a 17.3″ (Diagonal), 16:9 proportion, 1920×1080 LED Backlit showcase plus standard HDMI Out, 3.5 mm Audio Out, 2 USB 2.0 port and a USB 3.0 port.

 Touch screen of Razer Blade:

The above mentioned characteristics you may get on some different laptops yet one amazingly stunning characteristic of Razer Blade which you won’t discover any place else is the Touch Screen Panel in the right of the console where ordinarily you come across a NUM-Pad.

It has Built-in touch screen and catches with LCD shows, which makes your orders and aptitudes at your fingertips. A touch screen and buttons along with LCD display are built in the laptop which makes it easier for you to fulfil your commands through your fingertips. There are two modes on LCD display. One has a record and information of all your games and the other one has a multi touch panel.

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