PSY’s “Gangnam Style” Hits Flood take Justin Bieber’s “Baby”


Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 10:30 pm

In past people try to break records in some physical type of fields, like in record breaking in cricket, in badminton, in hockey and specially in Olympics. But Now a days people are trying to make or break other types of records, like maximum passenger in a single car and the most craziest video ever. From the early days of music no one would be expecting that there will be a something like internet and on it there will be something like video websites. Now a days these video websites are very important for the musicians because now a days anyone can judge the level of success of any any song by checking it’s views on videos websites. Among these videos website YouTube is most famous one.

Gangnam Style's
Gangnam Style’s

Back in days, Justin Bieber’s video song was published on youtube which got 803 million hits. Which was a huge success and that hit number “was” a record by any video on internet. I used a word “was” that shows that the record is broken now. Yes, Today video song by an South Korean Star “PSY” have created a new record by reaching 805 million hits.  Today PSY’s “Gangnam Style’s” Hits Flood take Justin Bieber’s “Baby”.

The name title of the song is “Gangnam Style” In this video choreographing is at it’s peak and horse style dancing of the PSY’s helped him a lot to reach at that number. This number is increase day by day. This video was released in July but now it’s at its peak and is getting 7-8 million hits a day which is really a milestone.


Previous video which had created the record was Justin Bieber’s “Baby” but It is “Gangnam Style” which is by a South Korean star. Now Gangnam style is the top viewed video on the internet. Native models and native language is mostly used in the videos song but it is mostly famous in English speaking countries like UK, America and Australia.

The thing which have maded it video to reach this milestone is it’s choreography. The ideas are amazing which are used in this video for example “horse dancing style and dancing in front of horses in a shed”. This video is very good as compared to Justin Bieber that’s why it achieved this milestone of 805 million hits.

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