Outlook PST to PDF Converter


PST to PDF converter is a commercial application which is used to convert a PST file into PDF format. The Adobe PDF document has become the highly used format to store text and graphics. PST files are converted to PDF format as the document format is easily accessible, readable, and is preferred to save email evidences collected from PDF file.

PST to PDF Converter


Testing Environment

Software – Outlook PST to PDF converter
Outlook installation required – No
Supportive Windows – 8.1 and all below versions.
Size – 16.3 MB
Version – 2.0

For working with the software the following capabilities were noted:

Converts PST To PDF

A PDF document is created for every item in Outlook. Emails, calendars, contacts, notes, tasks etc are converted to PDF format. Attachments are embedded to the PDF file in their original form.

Two Scanning Modes

Scanning of PST files is done before its contents are loaded. The software allows two scanning PST files in modes:
Quick Scan: – This scanning option is used for less corrupted PST files.
Advanced Scan: – This scanning option is used for highly corrupted PST files.

Preview With Attributes

Preview is done in order to know the data recovered by the software. The solution provides preview of emails, calendars, contacts, notes, tasks etc. Additional properties of the mail can also be viewed using the software like to, cc, contact name, sent date etc.

Export Selective Folders or Items

Export is done to provide folders or items to the software for its working. On exporting the data software accepts it and performs the defined task. The software provides additional feature in which either a particular item from a folder or the entire folder can be selected for export.

Sort Output Emails

Sorting makes access of data easier. There are different naming conventions in the software that helps to sort emails by date, sender, and the subject. This option is applicable only on emails.

Create New folders to Save files

On conversion of a PST file to a PDF file, the output can be stored at desirable location by the user. The output can be stored to a new folder. A new folder can be created using the panel of the software.

Versions Of The Software

Free demo version: In order to check out the normal functioning of the tool one can download free demo version of the software from the official website. The demo version will export only 25 items per folder and all the remaining functionality is same as that of licensed edition.

Licensed version: The software has three licenses. Personal license is restricted to the use of the software on a single machine only, Business license is for multiple machines in an organization and Enterprise license is for using the software on different machines of an organization in different geographical area.

Working Of The Software

Step 1:

Click on Add file. You can add only one file at a time. However, another file can be added when scanning of first file is complete.


Step 2.

A window will open containing the following options:


Select File: You can browse for the location of file that has to be processed by the tool.

Scanning Modes: There are two scanning modes: Quick and Advance. Any one of them can be selected as per the requirement. Less corrupted files are scanned using quick scan option while for highly corrupted files advanced scan can be chosen. By default, Quick scan option is selected.

Step 3:

After scanning, click on OK and choose the emails to export in PDF format.


Step 4.

Switch view option is provided in the software in which preview of PST files can be changed in two ways:

HORIZONTAL VIEW: In horizontal view you will be able to see the panels of the software horizontally on the screen.

VERTICAL VIEW: In vertical view you will be able to see the panels of the software vertically on the screen.


Step 5:

A window will open in which you need to provide the following information:


Folders to export: You can select the folders which you want to export into PDF file format.
Naming conventions: If you add folders then there will be multiple files with the folder. When the folder will be exported then you will get a number of file as output. Naming convention can be applied according to date, subject, and sender to avoid confusion in handling the files.

Step 6:
Select the destination location. You can browse for the location to save the PST to PDF conversion output.


NOTE: – The software allows you to create a new folder for output. The option to create new folder is provided in the software panel itself.

Step 7:

Click on Export button. You can select the files or folders by clicking on the left hand side of the folder or file name.


Step 8:

click on OK.



  • The software converts emails, tasks, contacts, calendars in PDF format.
  • MS Outlook installation is not required.
  • Supports both Unicode and ANSI PST formats.
  • Software demands for one time investment only.
  • Emails with attachments will be converted by the tool.
  • Interface resembles like Outlook, which makes it user friendly for usage.


Auto detection feature decreases time consumption in overall PST to PDF conversion process.
It could be better if multiple files can be scanned at time using the tool.


PST to PDF converter is quite a simple tool. Converting PST to PDF files can become easy and manageable. It has got an interface which is user friendly. On considering these things it is worthy to spend 49 USD on this software. On the basis of its testing, it can be ranked 9/10.

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