Protect Your Facebook Photos, Mcafee

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Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 05:50 pm

If you have been looking for a way with the help of which you can protect your Facebook album then McAfee has a solution for you. They have come up with a new app called McAfee Social Protection that helps you create protected Facebook albums. Only those people will be able to see these photos that have the permission from your side.


You will have to allow the app have access to your Facebook account. The app will ask to get access to your basic info, about you and of course, to your photos.

Protect Your Facebook Photos, Mcafee
Protect Your Facebook Photos, Mcafee

Once you have gone through the permission section, you will see the Beta splash page of McAfee Social Protection.

The app will recommend you to download the McAfee Photo Viewer software. This software will let you make protected albums and also to get access to the albums shared by your friends. The installation will be completed in a minute and you will need to restart your browser in the end.

There is an “Upload and Protect Photos” option with the help of which you can upload photos in a protected album.

Once the album has been created, app will ask for some more permission like posting on your behalf and also to access your data at any time and to get access to your custom friends list. If you give the permission, the app will go ahead and share that album on your behalf with your friends and of course, you can select which friends will see the album and which will not be able to get access to it.

After that, you can upload photos to your album. Just start uploading the photos and while the photos will be uploading, you will be able to create a new album, choose who can have access to that album and also choose from whom the album should be hidden. There will be three options “Friend,” “Only Me,” and “Specific People or Lists”. This is perhaps a good way to share your protected album with only those that should see the content of that album.

It must be kept in mind that the photos will not be uploaded on Facebook directly because these will be stored on a secure McAfee server. From that server, the photos will be made available on your Facebook profile. Only those friends that are invited to see that album will be able to see it. Fuzzy versions of photos will be shown to those who have not installed McAfee Social Protection software in their computer. This could be a drawback for this app but still, if you can share a protected album, nothing can be better than this.

The album becomes even more protected when you realize that the people who are viewing your photos will not be able to take screenshots using the Print Screen button or any other Windows Snipping Tool. If you will try to take a screenshot, the screen will become gray and you will see nothing in the screenshot at all.

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