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postharvest for iphone

Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 01:03 am

If you are an iOS user and you like to play games on your iPhone Games, iPod or iPad then PostHarvest is a must have game for you. This game comes for only $0.99 and you have to sort out vegetables in this game from the debris or recycle bin. By the description, this app may look like very easy to play but it is not as simple as it may sound. You should give it a try to see what this game has to offer.


Playing The Game

In order to start playing the game, you should press the play button on the screen so that sorting madness can finally start. Different objects will be displayed to on screen and whenever you find a fruit or vegetable, you should swipe them upwards so they can be collected in a Good Bin. Those materials that are not in a good condition to use must be swiped down so they can be added into the recyclable materials. If you see rotten foods, bombs or debris, don’t swipe them anywhere so they can fall into the “Bad Bin” automatically.

postharvest for iphone - iphone games
postharvest for iphone – iphone games

Every time you sort an item, you earn points and that is the main concept of this game. With every earned point, one dollar will be added to your account. If you sort a potato product properly, you will be awarded one pint. If you sort a bronze potato, two points will be added to your account. Whenever you find a recyclable object and swipe it towards the right destination, five dollars are added to your account. As you let go an object that should fall in the “Bad Bin”, one point is awarded to you. Every time you will sort an item incorrectly, you will lose one life. You are given three lives in these game so three mistakes will result in “Game Over” for you. You will also find miscellaneous pieces in the game as well. For instance, you will find certain dinosaur pieces floating on the screen. You can earn bonus points by sorting out those parts and completing a dinosaur. Some other miscellaneous objects will give you more bonus points and extra lives as well.

Power ups

If you are not getting rewarded for your efforts in a game, you will lose the interest very soon. That is the main reason why power up concept has been added to this game just like many other games in the world. You will see certain signs on screen and by tapping on them, you will activate power up. Keep in mind that the extra power will remain for a few seconds only. There are different power ups features. One power up option will stop the screen and give you enough time to sort all the objects properly. As you will grow in the game, such power up sessions will be required by you. There is another power up option that will double your revenue for short period of time.

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