10 Best Places to visit in Saudi Arabia 2015

Al Faisaliyah Center

Last updated January 17th, 2015 at 01:15 am

Saudi Arabia has always been known because of its historical, economical, geographical and religious importance in the world. Top 10 Best Places to visit in Saudi Arabia 2015 are:


10 Best Places to visit in Saudi Arabia 2015

Place # 10 : Al Faisaliyah Center Riyadh

It is a magnificent building that is a symbol of Riyadh’s development economically as well as in architecture. It is the third tallest building in the Saudi Arabia and is approximately 276 meters high and it has 44 floors. There is a huge shopping center in which are two famous brands of the world. In the upper stories there are observation deck for spectacular viewing and an amazing revolving restaurant. Its shape resembles that of a ballpoint and it also allows the view of other buildings and skyscrapers.

Al Faisaliyah Center

# 9 : Jannat ul Baqi Madina – Places to visit in Saudi Arabia 2015

Located in the southeast of Masjid Al Nabwi is this cemetery that has great significance for Muslims all over the world because it has many friends, companions and relatives of prophet buried. And it is said that the Prophet used to offer prayers here whenever he passed by it. Although this is a cemetery but the meaning of its name is garden of heaven because of its relevance and significance in Islam. Al the wives of Mohammad, son, daughters and grandsons are buried at this place. This place is considered to be very sacred.

Jannat Ul Baqi Madina

Place # 8 :  Mount Uhud – Madina

This mountain located in the south of Medina carries its significance from the battle that was fought over it. This battle called as the Ghazwa or Battle of Uhud was fought between a Muslim army from Medina with an army from Mecca. Between these two forces, it was a 2nd bottle and it was led by the Prophet from Medina and Abu Sufyan from Mecca. It followed the Battle of Badar. This mountain goes from east to west and its seven kilometers long and three to four kilometers broad. It is an exotic location and is an attraction for tourists.

Mount Uhud - Madina

Place # 7 : Masjid Al Qiblatain – Places to visit in Saudi Arabia 2015

As the whole of Mecca and Medina are the focus of Islam, its history and revelations, so it is filled with mosques that are numerous, exotic, famous and all important for their role in the Islamic history. Now this mosque is important because it is where when the Prophet was given the orders that Muslims should change their direction of prayers from Jerusalem to Mecca. There is an orthogonal geometry to at and twin minarets and domes. It was initially maintained by the Caliph Umer but later it was reconstructed by Sultan Suleiman.

Masjid Al-Qiblatain, Madinah

Place # 6 : Rock Carving Site

Before the advent of Islam in the region of Saudi Arabia there used to live non Muslims whose means of prayers were by worshipping the idols. It was filled with Pagans. Although after Prophet Spread the Islam this practice was discontinued still in the region one can find many such rocks carving sites. One of them is Shuwaymus. So this place has its significance historically as well as a tourist attraction for Muslims as well as non Muslims from all over the world. This place tells that the country has been undergoing many climatic changes.

Rock Carving Site

Place # 5 : Al-Masjid an-Nabawi

It is often called as the mosque of the Prophet. It is second to the Khana Kaba in Islamic significance. This mosque is situated in the city of Medina and was built by the Prophet. It is one of the largest mosques in the world. It was originally created at the place near to the place where the Prophet lived after the migration from Mecca but its present archeological state was adopted after the other building of other mosques of the world on their pattern. Every year it is visited by millions of Muslims from every part of the world.

Al-Masjid an-Nabawi

Place # 4 :  Jamarat Bridge – Makka Mukarramah

This bridge holds its significance during the performance of Hajj where Muslims gather so that they can easily throw stones at the three pillars of Jam rah. This was built in 1966 but it has been renovated many times and finally after 2006 it was expanded and converted into a many level bridge with different columns, people can now easily gather, even in the number of millions and safely fulfill their duty on this pedestrian bridge without the chance of any accidents happening because such events have been happening before its reconstruction.

Jamarat Bridge Mina Makka Mukarramah

Place # 3 : Masjid Quba, Madinah

This is the oldest mosque in the world and having the privilege that its foundation was laid by the Prophet himself when he migrated from Mecca to Medina and then later it was completed by other Sahaba. The Prophet used to spend nights in this mosque performing prayers and due to all its specialties it is said that performing 2 Rakat prayers in this mosque is equal to performing one Umrah. In the 20th century the mosque was rebuilt by Abdel Wahid. The new mosque has many levels and contains a praying hall, offices, shops, and library and ablution places.

Masjid Quba, Madinah

Place # 2 : Medina

It is the capitol of Al Medina province and then again only second in importance to the Mecca in its role in Islam. It is also a part of Hajj and Muslims visit it as often as Mecca. Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) migrated to Medina when he had enough of the atrocities of Mecca fellows by the order of Allah. Many important battles were fought in this land and it also homes many beautiful Islamic buildings.


Place # 1 : Mecca

This place is important and sacred for the Muslims all over the world because of the presence of Khana Kaba where every year Millions of Muslims from all over the world gather to perform a duty of their Islam called as the hajj. This place is the birthplace of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) and it is also the site of revelation of the Holy Quran. The building of Khana Kaba is unique and beautiful in its own way. Originally constructed by Ibrahim, it has been rebuilt many times. Other beautiful features are the gates and the decorations with gold and Quranic verses.


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