6 Exclusive Pinterest Tips for Businesses 2015

6-Exclusive Pinterest Tips for your Business

Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 12:54 am

It’s clear that Pinterest is one of the best social media website which allows us to “pin” images and video to a virtual bulletin board which can be shared or pinned. It also pin images to your board that are compelling to get someone interested in your small business.


6-Exclusive Pinterest Tips for your Business

If you want to sell something that is visual, then Pinterest is your hottest choice. It is fastest growing social entity on web with more than 20 million unique active visitors. Check out these six most popular and exclusive ways to attract a huge traffic on your website using Pinterest. grow your small business.

6 Exclusive Pinterest Tips for Businesses 2015

1: Re-pin offers

It’s important to follow other users and re-pin their photos onto your boards. Create an exclusive pinboard for Pinterest users about your latest offer and pin it on your pinboards. For instance, The Times Magazine is making good use of Pinterest to promote their latest offers. They regularly pin images of daily deals on pinboard. Their pins contain a picture of new magazine and description and so much.

2: Controlling your Pining

You can control your schedule pins, tracks your followers and their activities  with the help of Pinterest’s provided free tool. Go to pingraphy.com link and operate your Pinterest pining very easily.


3: Host Competitions – Pinterest Tips for Businesses 2015

It is always a good practice to create a healthy environment through holding competition on Pinterest or host a picture competition. Ask your fans to take a picture and share it to win the competition and also ask them to pin that picture on their pinboards. Then you’ll search the unique hash-tag on Pinterest and decide the best picture.

4: Using Hash-tags and boards

Always use relevant hash-tags in your descriptions to make your pins easier to find and re-pin on Pinterest as like Twitter and make a habit of using relevant boards, this will make other users more likely to follow you.

5: Copyright Policy

Be careful while using your content on Pinterest and make sure that you are not pinning those images that have copyright. It is simple but very important point which may be create bad impact on you brand name.

6: Use Strong Visual Images

Make sure you are using powerful and high quality photos of your product as Pinterest is basically an image sharing social website.

There should be more possibilities on Pinterest, if you think about it and definitely find more ways to promote your business.

What do you think  of Pinterest? How has it helped your business? Please leave your comments in the box below.

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