5 Must Know Pinterest Tips and Tricks 2015

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Last updated January 23rd, 2015 at 08:06 pm

Today pinterest is one of the best social network after Facebook and Google plus respectively. The main reasons behind the popularity of pinterest is its uniqueness and difference from other social media networks. Pinterest is made for sharing interesting photos and videos specially pinterest helped infographics a lot to be popular in the eyes of designers. In pinterest not only big and small companies but people of every type also share their interesting stuff  but pinterest is very important for the online companies because Pinterest introduce their products worldwide. All in all its really a fun place for everyone. But you can increase your pinterest fun with the help of some useful pinterest tips and tricks which we are going to list here today.


5 Must Know Pinterest Tips and Tricks 2015

1. Use Browser Extension For Pinterest

To enjoy Pinterest at its peak you should install a useful web browser extension. Because everyone knows that Pinterest is all about quality pictures and videos and if you want to get more out of  pinterest then you have to pin quality stuff on your pin boards. But its very difficult to find interesting photos on the web and then return to pinterest profile for posting them one by one. That’s why you should install any good pinterest browser extension So you can pin to your board without moving from your place. Some websites also have feature to pin their photos directly like we have have here in roundpulse but most of website don’t have that feature, So you should install browser extension for pinterest.

Pin Button On Pictures

2. Connect Facebook and Twitter

You can also connect your Pinterest account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. In our recent post we have discussed how to connect your Facebook account with pinterest. The main benefit of connecting your pinterest account with your Facebook profile will that your Facebook friends and followers will be notified every time you will pin new stuff to your board. If they find your stuff interesting then they will surely join pinterest and will also follow you.

Connect Facbook and Twitter in Pinterest

3. Secret board

This is the main feature of the Pinterest which it was lacking since its origin. But now pinterest have added secret boards which will help you in setting better privacy options for your pins there. You can create up to 4 secret pin boards at the moment, the main function of the secret boards it to hide your private stuff for example, pins on the secret boards will only be visible to you.

Secret boards in pinterest

4. Sell products or Gifts

As pinterest is also a best place for the businesses to promote and sell their products. Specially ladies can find top quality hand bags, jewelry and other quality ladies products. You can also sell your product in Pinterest, to place price tag on your product in pinterest just write down its price in the description followed by the $ or £ sign, then pinterest will automatically put a price tag on your product and will place it in gifts category.

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5. Search pins by the source

This is one of the most interesting feature of the pinerest which let you find all pins from a single site at one place. To find the pins submitted from any particular site use this url “pinterest.com/source/siteURL”. This way you will see all of the pins submitted by one site in one place.

pins from a particular website

So, these are the 5 must know pinterest tips and tricks, by using these tips and tricks you can increase your fun time on pinterest.

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